family homework

it finally happened. davey brought home his first FAMILY PROJECT.


a family turkey project, to be exact.


i don’t fully understand it yet. perhaps i’m not supposed to. (that is one of the hardest things for me as a mom – not knowing EVERYTHING about the HOW and WHY of projects, homework, centers, parties, programs, etc.  but as usual, i digress.)  all i know is we were supposed to “disguise” this turkey so he can make it through Thanksgiving.


previous families have used things like crayons, markers, pasta, feathers and who knows what else to decorate/disguise their turkeys. you can do anything you want – use any supplies – but it’s a family project. and we can inject our personalities, our hobbies, our jobs, etc. into the finished product.  i wanted to use keyboard keys (since dave is a programmer) but we don’t have an old keyboard lying around. so instead we decided to make the turkey look like he’s hiding behind/in an iPad.

davey did a lot of cutting. dave drew the apps. davey colored them in. i colored the feathers and then decided to glue felt on top for something different. so here it is:


i’d like to think we survived this project easy (easily?) enough. granted, i did have to finish it after davey went to bed on sunday night (we started it sunday afternoon). perhaps that is the very first lesson we have learned:



what school project tips do you have to share with us?

4 thoughts on “family homework

  1. LOL! Yes, start projects earlier. :) Love that turkey hiding behind an ipad. Way to inject your family personalities! :) My only other advice about school projects is to always let the kids take the lead and never take over myself…and I have learned that the hard way and keep having to re-learn it!

  2. Great disguise idea! Our school does this in first grade, so we too have our own turkey, needing a disguise by next week. I am not sure what our disguise will be this time, I will let Naomi decide (I think she said Lalaloopsy doll. One year we had a Mario Bros. turkey with a black mustache & game symbols on his feathers. Another year was a “Bakin’ in the Sun” turkey with flip-flops, sunglasses, bikini, and beach umbrella. You are so creative, organized, & full of ideas that you’ll have no problem tackling all these school projects… I’ve pulled many late nights too trying to tie up the loose ends of projects. It happens!

  3. we have to do the exact same project for konnor’s class. unfortunately for us, we get a family project at the beginning of every month. last month was a pumpkin. oh the joys of homework!

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