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pilgrims, turkeys and indians – oh my!

This morning was davey’s kindergarten program at school. Since it was for all FOUR classes of kindergarten students, we decided to walk to school to avoid the madness of trying to park. we also knew it would get a little crowded, so we set out for the school 30 minutes before the program started. we signed in at the front, made our way to the cafeteria (at the BACK of the school), found a seat and waited…..


we didn’t have to wait too long until we saw Miss Yates walking in with her class (Davey’s class)

and she got them all lined up on the stage steps – right in the center! I love that Davey not only

found us in the audience, but also waved (quite happily) to see us! However, he obeyed the school rules

about no yelling and being quiet so he “waved” to us with just his pointer finger:

He is such a rule follower and I love him for that!


The children sang several songs and recited a few rhyming poems before the “program” was complete.


there were a LOT of cameras, camcorders and iPhones in the audience. a LOT.

following the performance, the children in three of the classes returned to their classrooms for a party.


Davey’s class had a FINGER FOOD FEAST:

there were a LOT of parents and a few siblings in attendance:


my favorite party go-ers are pictured here:

(well, only half of dave/daddy is pictured there, but he’s also my favorite).


following food time, there was a little bit of time for the kids to color on their paper “tablecloths”

before the final “clean up.”

at this point, children were released to GO HOME for the day, IF they wanted to. seriously.

there’s still a full day of school complete with recess, lunch, recess, an assembly and even an afternoon movie.

but if children wanted to go home and their parents were willing to take them, they could leave.

davey chose HOME.

so we loaded alex into the stroller and we walked home.

and tomorrow, i’ll be making my FIRST. EVER. TURKEY DINNER.


not the first i’ve eaten, but the first i’ve cooked.

tomorrow might be a crazy and stressful day.


but just one peek at this little guy:

(davey’s Turkey Costume) and i will remember the sweetness of today. and i will breathe.

and i will be thankful for many, MANY things.

the wonder of sugary-coated yumminess


we have a little girl who has always loved to eat cereal.


she is not, however, adept with a spoon. so most mornings when she has cereal, it’s dry and in a bowl.


but i REALLY want her to learn how to use a spoon.

so i’m embracing the mess and late last week i let her enjoy some cereal WITH MILK!

she was pretty elated.

and yes, she did make a huge mess.

i needed to chant “embrace the mess. embrace the mess. embrace the mess” a few times.

but those smiles? the delight in her eyes? SO worth it!


just because it’s still in the 80s during the day doesn’t mean it isn’t AUTUMN here in arizona.







we’ve got it all.


and last week seemed like a very good week for chocolate chip cookies.


and i think these two agreed with my thoughts:



it finally happened.


i’ve been letting alex play with crayons and colored pencils for months. s

he’s always been pretty good with them. she usually just walks around the house with them. okay, initially she tried to eat them.


every. single. time.


but she’s better than that now. she has, on a few occasions, made marks in a (coloring) book but she’s not really interested in coloring on paper. she has colored on the kids’ table. i’m not thrilled about that, but the other two already covered it in crayon and pencil marks so i’ve given up trying to keep it nice. and then they all hit the chairs. ugh. it’s like a child’s dream table and chairs!


but on thursday night, alex did something new (to her) and she got both a hand tap and a time out.



“what did she do?” you ask.

“it couldn’t have been THAT bad,” you say, “because she’s so little and cute!”


just take a look:

yes,those are crayon markings.


yes, they are on the wall.


and yes, she used a BLACK crayon:

oh alex.

i do have a very legitimate excuse for my negligent parenting. i was standing not more than 8 feet away from her when the incident occurred. i was in the kitchen. i was making dinner. chicken, twice-baked potatoes and asparagus. and i heard samantha exclaim, “no, alex, no! do NOT color on the wall!”


ugh. i lifted my eyes and felt a moment of defeat.

and then,  even though i knew it wouldn’t do much good, along with her hand tap and time out, she had to take a baby wipe and scrub the wall.


yes, i’m serious.


she has to learn that there are some things we just don’t do!


hopefully there will be NO repeats of this type of incident. though i must admit that i’m thankful it was crayon and not marker on the wall!



in case you’re wondering, her scrubbing with the baby wipe did absolutely no good. i, however, pulled out a mr. clean magic eraser and went to town on the wall. black crayon GONE. i’m so thankful for that invention!


yep. i’m frustrated. very frustrated. today, i visited the post office to find out what can be done (if anything) about my missing package (that was reportedly delivered over a week ago). after talking with the supervisor, it turns out that nothing – NOTHING – can be done. yep. so i’m out the $66 i paid for the product AND the shipping. so earlier today, i logged into my account and had to pay ANOTHER $66 to order the SAME chains. sigh.


consider my vent now complete.


i’ve been busy, oh-so-busy, working on projects for around our home AND for a local (and VERY SMALL) “holiday boutique” (aka: craft show). and yesterday dave and i decided to have some friends to our house for thanksgiving dinner. which means i’m about to make my first ever thanksgiving meal. yep. very serious. we may or may not BUY a turkey from a local restaurant. we’ll decide sometime this weekend.


my goals for this weekend are as follows:

- add second coat of stain to porch swing

- purchase the remaining supplies needed to finish samantha’s dress-up clothing wardrobe

- paint a few of the “extra” drawers (from the dresser used to make samantha’s dress-up clothing

wardrobe) to use as shelves in the kids’ rooms (so creative, right?!)

- visit local TJ Maxx to see if the table they have in stock will actually fit in our hallway

- drill holes in scrabble tile trays

- spray paint scrabble tile trays

- finish stitching girl felties for paci straps and headbands

- MAYBE prep ribbon for paci straps



are you tired yet? because i certainly am! i’m not sure how realistic it is for me to try to accomplish all of that, but it’s good to have goals!

finished project

i never shared with you davey’s opinion of the final version of the Hide the Turkey project. he thought it was funny. and he really liked it. whew. mom managed to avoid a major crisis there!  :)


here’s davey holding his finished project (the turkey iPad):


and here’s his turkey hanging on the board outside his classroom:

(i think the iPad and the Intel turkey have garnered the most “we like those turkeys” comments thus far).


and the other half of the board with some more turkeys:


maybe i’ll get to see more turkeys on the board when i go into davey’s class next week!

i am THAT crazy lady….

earlier today i discovered that a package i’ve been WAITING to receive was reportedly delivered to my house last week. seriously.


so when i happened to see the mail carrier today, i asked what i should do about a missing package. and he asked my name and then said that he put a package in my box today. so the kids and i continued down to the box but there was no package. and no key for a package.


so i turned into the crazy lady. seriously. the kids and i got home and didn’t even make it into the house. we hopped into the pathfinder and set out to find the mail carrier. seriously. i drove in the direction his truck had been parked. and i found the next bank of mailboxes but he wasn’t there. grrrr. so i kept going and then caught a glimpse of him! seriously. i waited for school busses. i waited for kids walking home. and riding home on bikes. and i followed the mail carrier to the next bank of boxes and got out of my car.




and he agreed to swing back around to the boxes to make sure there were no missing keys. or keys left in the package boxes rather than in the mail slot boxes.


and in the end, there was no key in my box. no package on my doorstep. and i have $66 of silver snake necklace chains somewhere in LaLa Land. though, according to the tracking number, the box was delivered.




i might have to track him down again tomorrow to find out what to do next for that missing box.

family homework

it finally happened. davey brought home his first FAMILY PROJECT.


a family turkey project, to be exact.


i don’t fully understand it yet. perhaps i’m not supposed to. (that is one of the hardest things for me as a mom – not knowing EVERYTHING about the HOW and WHY of projects, homework, centers, parties, programs, etc.  but as usual, i digress.)  all i know is we were supposed to “disguise” this turkey so he can make it through Thanksgiving.


previous families have used things like crayons, markers, pasta, feathers and who knows what else to decorate/disguise their turkeys. you can do anything you want – use any supplies – but it’s a family project. and we can inject our personalities, our hobbies, our jobs, etc. into the finished product.  i wanted to use keyboard keys (since dave is a programmer) but we don’t have an old keyboard lying around. so instead we decided to make the turkey look like he’s hiding behind/in an iPad.

davey did a lot of cutting. dave drew the apps. davey colored them in. i colored the feathers and then decided to glue felt on top for something different. so here it is:


i’d like to think we survived this project easy (easily?) enough. granted, i did have to finish it after davey went to bed on sunday night (we started it sunday afternoon). perhaps that is the very first lesson we have learned:



what school project tips do you have to share with us?