5 weeks from start to finish…

here’s a complete look at the transformation of one third of our backyard).


THIS is what our yard looked like about two weeks after we moved in (so around August 25-ish):



and finally on wednesday, August 29th, the first piece of equipment rolled in and removed some grass (and half of the sprinkler system):


and it was TWO VERY LONG DAYS before they came back and started actually DIGGING THE POOL:


but at least they finished that in one day:


next up was plumbing…

which didn’t start until september 6th


the next day (september 7th) they started to install the rebar (forming and shaping the pool AND giving the concrete and plaster the strength it needs):


but it DOWN POURED that day. a lot. so much that my neighbor’s yard looked like this:


and because there was an awful lot of thunder and LIGHTNING, the workers didn’t think that laying, bending, molding and otherwise handling REBAR in the middle of a LIGHTNING storm was a good idea, they abandoned our pool for the safety of their trucks and eventually their own homes b/c it rained ALL. MORNING!

and it was a Friday so they had to abandon us for the whole weekend. but they were back bright and early on Monday morning (September 10) to finish up the job.


on september 12 the next crew arrived and set up some barriers and sprayed the concrete-type product into our dirt hole:


and THIS is what it looked like at the end of that day:

we have a pool!!!!!



for some unknown reason, i do not have (or simply cannot find) a photo of them putting the special finish on the deck (which looked like this on september 18:


the special finish is Shasta’s version of “cool decking” which will make the concrete approximately 10* cooler than regular concrete will be in the heat of the summer – totally important around here!. but just imagine that there’s a photo here showing you that special finish.


and then it was time for TILE placement. again, i’m not sure why there’s no photo of this step of the process, but there’s not. i guess i couldn’t capture everything.


then they had to come and put in the pieces for the self-cleaning system we have AND they had to install (“place?”) our wok pots (our water feature which is DESPERATELY needed here in the summer to help “cool down” the pool water). the placement of the wok pots caused some drama. well, a LOT of drama for me. ugh. #firstworldproblems, hands down. dave and i thought we chose a light grey decking color. after finding our original paperwork and addendums and then driving TO THE SHOW ROOM, it turned out we CHOSE a tan color b/c it’s “cooler” in the summer on your feet. deep sigh. unfortunately, we didn’t realize it was as TAN as it is. and we chose CHARCOAL GREY wok pots. it looked (looks) awful together. and they can’t take them back and re-use them so we would have to simply buy new ones. and have them installed. we’re still not sure what we’re going to do (long term) but for now, the tan & charcoal combination will remain. b/c who wants to spend an extra $400-$500 on concrete bowls by their pool?!  :)


friday, september 28 (10 whole days later? why the delay?) they came and PLASTERED OUR POOL!!!!!

doesn’t she look SO PRETTY?


and IMMEDIATELY after they plastered the pool, it was time to start adding the water (it helps cure the plaster). Our pool is over 14,000 gallons and it was estimated that it would take 30 HOURS of continuously flowing water to fill it. yes, you read that right… 30 HOURS. that’s more than a day, people.


i can still VERY CLEARLY remember when my mom’s pool was first built and when the water started filling it. i remember swimming in the pool in three stages:

1. running on the dry shallow end and flopping into the deep end of water

2. wading through ankle-deep shallow end water to float in the deep end

3. swimming through high-waist/low-chest-deep shallow end water to swim in the deep end


and i knew i wanted some fun memories for our kids of the same kind of experiences. so after my workout at the Y that friday, the girls and i put our toes in the water:


and after we picked up davey from school that afternoon, we got into our swim suits and floaties and we actually SWAM in the water:


this was the best i could do for a photo of me…. to prove i was there while all these shenanigans were occurring:


and then, about 24 HOURS later (30 hours would have OVERFLOWED our pool…. and that was with us turning DOWN the flow of the water over night), THIS was the sight from our bedroom window:

almost filled up. so pretty. and ready to use!!!!


and so last saturday, september 29, we all got in the pool for the first time as a whole family PLUS uncle jeff was visiting, so he was our first OVERNIGHT house guest AND the first non-immediate family member to USE THE POOL. lucky uncle jeff!

(my apologies for the over-exposed photo. i had my ISO up way too high)


on Monday, October 1, a guy came and started the pump and left us a goody package of skimmer net, brush, pole and i’m not sure what else. and i still need to call back the guy who will teach us HOW TO USE our pool (aka: how to operate the pump, not how to swim – we already know how to swim!).


so there you have it, FIVE WEEKS from start to finish of how they built our pool!


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