new beginnings

tomorrow morning marks a new beginning in our family. davey will start kindergarten! it’s a full day, every day kindergarten program here (meaning he will go to school from 8:13 to 3, monday through friday). i think the girls and i will be a little lost without him. it may, however, take a few weeks for it to “sink in” that he’s not going to be home. that i’m not going to be “in charge” of his day in and day out activities anymore. i’m so excited for this journey to begin for him, but i’m a little sad, too. i’m sure i’d be even MORE emotional about it if i weren’t so busy planning, packing, painting, cleaning and driving in preparation for the big move on saturday.


oh my heavens! when did he grow up? he’s only in the 3rd percentiles for height AND weight (he had his well-child check earlier this week). i do worry about him being so small and about him being one of the youngest in his class, but he is SO READY for this adventure. so it’s time to jump in, right?


we have to leave the current/rental house at 7:40 tomorrow morning to make it to our new house by 7:55 so we can walk him to his classroom. i’ll snap some photos in the morning but i sure won’t get anything published here on the blog. so here’s a little “sneak peek” of my big kindergartener after he went shopping for his backpack and lunch box and water bottle with daddy while we were in washington:


(NOTE: we returned the plastic spiderman lunchbox and purchased an “insulated” super mario brothers one instead).



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