i couldn’t resist

in 10 minutes i’ll leave the rental house with the girls and we’ll go to davey’s school to pick him up from his first day.


and here are the few photos i managed to snap this morning as we were a little late to drop off (but not “late!”)!


davey with his backpack (his lunch is in there):


and davey with his teacher, Miss Yates:


i’m praying that davey stays in Miss Yates’ class but he may be moved if all the K classes have 26 students in them then another teacher will be hired and will form a 5th K class and b/c davey registered late (couldn’t be helped!) he’ll move to the new class.


2 thoughts on “i couldn’t resist

  1. Amazing how time flies. He’s going to thrive at school. You and Dave have done an incredible job preparing him for this day! :)

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