house tour – part one

so we’ve been in the house for two weeks now. i pulled out my camera and snapped a LOT of photos to give you a feel for the house. almost all of the boxes are unpacked BUT there’s almost nothing hanging on the walls yet. and there are still PILES of “mess” in various places around the home. in this post, i’m going to share the first floor only. have no fear, there will be a second post (soon) of the second floor.


are you ready? here goes:


when you approach our front door from the outside, just to the left of the door you’ll see this:

our new door bell (which is not fully installed yet, though it does still work), a plant stand, an empty planter and a hand-made garden stepping stone. that stone is over 10 years old and was made by a lady in our church. i LOVE it!


when you open the front door (or when i open it for you), you’ll be greeted with some door knob hangers and flowers and a shoe basket:

(i MAY even remember to use chalk to write your name/s on the door knob hangers!)


and then you’ll see this:

the “formal” living room and the dining room and my craft corner (and not seen in the photo, the door to the guest room):


and when we close the front door, behind you, you’ll see this:

it’s another “niche” and i plan to hang a collection of my Ds and 5s there (hence the reason they are assembled on the little half wall of the niche).


this is a poor photo (too much light was coming in from the skinny windows by the door) of the entry way area as seen from the dining room:

(you can see the door to the guest room and a little more of our “formal” living room area which currently contains two chairs, a globe, a lamp, a coffee table and a LOT of baskets and storage containers).



Let’s turn LEFT and enter the guest room:

and here’s the guest room as seen from the OTHER side of the room:

yes, a lot of my craft items are stored in the guest room. we’re looking into purchasing The Craft Box armoire for my craft corner. the hope/goal is it would hold 90-95% of my stuff. but the box is NOT cheap. so for now, the guest room can handle some of my craft goodies.


here’s a peek into the guest room closet. it’s a walk in. it is currently filled with stuff. i will try to clear out a large amount of this “stuff” before nana comes in october. i’m assuming she’ll be our first (overnight) house guest. but i could be wrong.


and here’s a peek into the guest/downstairs bathroom:


okay. back out to the “formal” living room area and you’ll get a peek at our staircase AND my craft corner:

(yes, that 2nd photo is an overhead view.)


here’s the kitchen, as seen from the family room…. and a photo of the new quartz countertops we ordered yesterday:

the island is currently just an island. but we’re adding 10 inches of counter on one long and one short side so we can have an “eating” island. i’m looking forward to this!


again, there was a lot of light coming in from various windows but this is a glimpse at the “eat in kitchen” (we plan to purchase a pub table and chairs)


and here’s the family room, right off the kitchen and eat-in kitchen space:

(we plan to turn that bookshelf upright and move it into the corner (just to the right of where it is now) and bring the tv stand that matches the end tables downstairs (it’s in our bedroom currently). but first i have to find the “hanging mechanism” so we can hang our bedroom tv on the wall. that has proved to be a problem – finding the parts, not the actual hanging process. to the left of the tv (you can’t see it) is a door that leads outside to the backyard.


this is the back of the long couch, as seen from the kitchen/eat in kitchen area looking to the dining room:

i LOVE the crown molding and the archways!


here’s a peek into my pantry:

i have ALL food, oils, spices, etc. in here. i love that it’s all in one place. and it’s pretty deep, so i’ve added some other storage racks for small appliances, placemats, tablecloths, etc. ┬áSee, i have no linen closet downstairs.


so standing in the family room, looking down the back hall, you’ll see this:

the first door on the left is the pantry. the second door on the left is the guest room. then it’s the end of the hall. the last door on the right is the downstairs/guest bathroom and then the closer door on the right is the laundry room:


the laundry room leads into the garage (just to the left of that metal shelf unit which is JUST assembled this morning), but i did not take any photos of the garage. i should have taken some “before” and “after” photos yesterday because i spent HOURS (at least 6) out there opening boxes, organizing and putting things away, etc. i have a few boxes to go but i was exhausted. and sore. i also should’ve taken a photo of the pathfinder. dave and davey drove to a recycling center to dump all our extra/unwanted packing paper. trust me, we gave LOTS away to friends who are moving. but we had so much left that it filled the ENTIRE back of the pathfinder AND two of the middle row seats! it was overwhelmingly ridiculous.


so there you have it. the downstairs of our new home. hope you like it… we’re pretty happy with it. dave has changed all the doorknobs/handles and locks and door stoppers. we’ve replaced and swapped several ceiling fans. we’ve got new countertops on order. the pool should be started any day now (they’re two weeks behind right now on STARTING the digging process of our pool – yes, we’re frustrated). we plan to change the track lighting in the kitchen and the “chandelier” in the dining room.


we don’t know WHAT we want to do about furniture in the formal/front living room. i’m not really interested in owning ANOTHER set of furniture, but we’ll see what happens. for now, i like the OPENNESS of the space. i’m not sure where the kids’ table will go when we get our pub table and chairs for the kitchen. i also don’t know where to hang things. but those are details that can be worked out as time passes. and as inspiration strikes.


for now, i should go see what sweet little alex is up to. she disappeared in the house and i haven’t heard from her in a little while…. not usually a good thing!

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