strolling the grounds

one thing that’s FABULOUS about being back in the NW is the green…. green, green, green EVERYWHERE you look. grass, trees, flower stems and petals, bushes. i love GREEN. more specifically, i love LUSH green -green grass that’s thick like a carpet. brilliant and dark greens found on all kinds of foliage. bursts of color from all kinds and colors of flowers. grandpa & grandma have spent a LOT of time in their backyard since we moved 6 months ago. and it shows. and it’s gorgeous. and the kids (including alex) LOVE to run/walk/crawl around in the beauty.


i apologize for so many similar photos but it was easier to select them all and stick them into this post at one time than to go through each one. i love the expressions on the kids’ faces as the explore the back yard, water flowers, run around, “walk” with grandpa, daddy or mommy (alex) and whatever else it is they’re doing in these photos. i do believe this back yard is a bit of a haven.

One thought on “strolling the grounds

  1. I particularly like the “Grandpa/Alexandra” dance; Daddy seemingly chasing Samantha around and Davey and Samantha helping Grandma water the plants. Good job all!

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