on Friday the 13th

a few days ago, on Friday the 13th of July, my sweet baby girl turned TWO!


at two, alexandra daisy sue dunkin continues to be our little miracle. she’s alive. she’s healthy. she’s growing. she’s thriving. she’s sweet, loving, cuddly, snuggly, darling and all other things adorable. i apologize for all the photos, but once i started selecting, i had a hard time letting any go! so here’s alex… from pregnancy (Baby Daisy) to now!



- is wearing size 3 diapers (she does wear size 4 at night)

- is wearing 12-18 month clothing still (though pants in that size might be too short come “winter” time)

- still has a  FULL head of curly, dark hair

- has a mouth full of teeth (at least 10 and maybe as many as 12?)

- has no need/desire to talk so she will (not-so-clearly) say “bottle” and “bite”

- does use a LITTLE bit of sign language (“more,” “all done,” and “please”)

- is FINALLY walking with “aides” (either walking toys or chairs she can push around the room). additionally, in the last two weeks she has been WILLINGLY holding onto our hands to walk across the room. whew. i thought she might NEVER do this!

- loves to play with baby dolls and stuffed animals by turning them face down and patting them on the back. she will also cuddle/snuggle with them up by her chin/neck. and she will kiss them, but the kiss it out of the side of her mouth.

- has no fear of people

- really is a darling and (mostly) CONTENT child

- gave up her pacifier back when she was sick (in June)

- still drinks her (soy) milk from a bottle. i look forward to weaning her from the bottle soon. i’m tired of washing those things!

- still loves to watch Blues Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba!



she is the perfect addition to our family. our lives would not be as sweet, mellow, loving, gentle or quiet?! without her. we are still SO THANKFUL for all the prayers of family, friends and strangers around the world… God heard your prayers and gave us this sweetheart. we all thank you.

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