mass chaos

what happens when you get 5 moms and 18 kids together?




you get lots of laughter, smiles, chasing, running, playing, giggling, eating, complaining, whining, hitting, pushing, shoving, crying and more.


and it was all worth it to spend a few hours with some of my dearest friends in Lynden and their children. many, MANY thanks to Karla for hosting and to Stacy, Lisa, Taya and Carrilee for making today a priority. was sad to miss out on time with Shelly, Jessica, Barb, Sara, Mary Jo and others. (when you’re listing friends or a group of people do you always have this somewhat irrational fear that you’ll forget to include someone very important in that list? i do. so i’m cringing, even now, as i type this post…. “what if i forgot someone?”)


the little kids are growing up to be 1st and 2nd graders (what?! when did that happen?) and the babies are now 2 (like my alex) and everything is changing. and it’s good. it’s great, in fact. but it’s just a tiny bit sad, too.


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