Happy, HAPPY Birthday…

…to my wonderful husband, DAVE!


yes, folks. we DO have three birthdays in our family in a 15-day time span in July. Plus an anniversary. I could add to the story by telling you that Dave’s brother, Jeff, celebrates his birthday on July 24 and my sister-in-law, Babi celebrates her birthday on July 29 which would make FIVE family birthdays in a 16-day time span… but I won’t. or wait, i just did. oops!


I am SO THANKFUL for Dave. Earlier this year I watched him work ALL DAY for our family in the FREEZING cold (we’re talking 16* temps) to get our house packed and loaded on the moving truck (okay, so he supervised the workers, but it was still COLD in that house) and then he worked at night to CLEAN the house (especially the carpets) and then he’d come “home” to his parents’ house (where we were living) and work late into the night/early morning doing his computer job. He was exhausted, but he appeared to work tirelessly to support our family and to leave our home in the best condition possible for the next owner. You taught me a lesson, Dave – you are a grown-up through and through. You sacrifice yourself for your family and I need to do more of that.


Dave is…

a fantastic and faithful friend

an helpful and honest husband

a devoted dad

a playful parent

an enterprising employee

a committed Christian

a laid-back leader

a confident cook/chef

an amateur animal (lizard) hunter

a geeky genius (meaning he’s really smart with technology!)

and so much more.


Dave, I am so thankful for who you are, what you stand for, how you react (or don’t react) and how you behave. Thank you for your love, trust, commitment, faith, beliefs, abilities, devotion, faithfulness, leadership, friendship and everything else you so freely and often times, tirelessly, give. We are blessed because you are who you are.


Happy Birthday, Honey!



*note: all photos are from THIS year…

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