four hours of fun!

after yesterday’s adventure with uncle john (we drove out to Canyon Lake where i forgot to take photos…. DUH!) and davey got car sick on the way home. twice. yep. vomit. more than enough to make the car stinky. and alex had (has) a head cold so she was crabby. grrrrrr. so we spent the rest of the day at home in the air conditioning. and i felt like we LOST time, ya know? boo!


so today we had more fun. we visited our ALMOST house and my brother was appropriately impressed with our new (almost) home. then we headed up to the company house to spend the afternoon swimming. we enjoyed our packed lunch and some extras from the Logos fridge and then John, Davey, Samantha and I spent about 4 hours in the pool. Audra joined us for much of our day. Alex enjoyed the pool for a bit and then enjoyed a long nap before returning to the pool for a short while.


four hours in the pool makes for VERY tired grown ups. and when kids miss nap time (“rest time”), they are very tired, too. D&S fell asleep in the car on the ride home but they woke up when we arrived home. there were a few rough hours in the house (davey even pitched his biggest fit ever following a moment of very defiant disobedience with me) but the kids mellowed out by dinner time and they all went to bed early.


tomorrow we have to take uncle john to the airport for an early afternoon flight. i am already sad. i may even shed a tear tomorrow. the only good news? he might have to spend some more time in Mountanview, California for work, which means we might get to see him more than just once a year (or less)!!

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