calendar update

a mini calendar update (to remind me, mostly):

monday was a fun day at “home” at grandpa & grandma’s house. dave worked (from home – he has a project that’s behind schedule and he wants to get it DONE so he can relax for at least the end of this vacation). i popped into the restaurant/store where i consign my hand made and vintage goodies. i spent a few hours there organizing, arranging, re-arranging and more. i need to go back…. just hasn’t happened yet. the kids just enjoyed time with grandpa & grandma. they LOVE being here.


tuesday i was able to go for an early morning walk with my good friend Karla. it felt good to get out and exercise after sitting around in the car for so long! then i spent ¬†few hours with my dear friend Carrilee…. we were able to enjoy her belated birthday present: pedicures and lunch at Semiahmoo resort. (in hindsight, my nails were clipped too short and my french pedicure paint job isn’t very good but i’m still thankful for it). what i value most is the TIME i’m trying to spend with my friends. and Carrilee is like a sister to me. and we had a great time talking, “catching up,” investing in each other’s lives, being pampered and sitting outside by the Bay while eating our lunch.


that night, dave and i ran to the grocery store for a few things and then we drove by our old home. Elm Street. the new owners have done a little bit of yard work (flowers, trees, tidying the flower beds) and they’re in the process of putting up a fence. we saw our old (not age-d but former) neighbors and they told us the story of the fence. there’s a little boy who roams the neighborhood (he has some issues – perhaps high functioning autism or something) and he just wanders off and will walk into people’s homes. more than once he’s been found on their deck (our old deck) lifting the lid to the hot tub, peeking in the sliding glass door…. and so the neighbors want to maintain their privacy AND keep him (and his brother) safe and OUT of the hot tub. funny. we lived there for 9.5 years and had the hot tub for at least 8.5 years and it wasn’t until we headed out on our epic road trip last summer that any of our neighbors knew we owned the hot tub!


wednesday started with an early morning walk (in the cornfields!) with my good friend Sara and then was followed up with lunch and a play date with Julie Ball and her girls – Bethany, Becca and Elise (and we managed to stay long enough to wait for Sarah to get home from working in the berry plant, too)! Dave and i took a long (one hour) walk that evening (9-10) where we discovered my blister and my need for new running/work out shoes.


thursday was a fabulous and crazy play date with lunch at karla’s house. her four precious kiddos were there: katelynn, alyssa, luke and elijah. stacy was there with ellie, lily and jaxx. lisa was there with preston and caleb (tyler was in summer school). carrilee was there with henry, jorja and albert. and taya arrived with isaiah, elijah and baby judah. i love and miss my friends.


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