…and just like that, my baby is all grown up….

yep. you read that title correctly. davey is all grown up. he’s five now, you know. and he starts kindergarten in less than two weeks. full time kindergarten, i must add. from 8:13am to 3pm daily. yep. all five work/school days. “go big or go home,” i suppose. (in washington most schools choose to start kindergarten students at 2-3 days a week).


davey is an amazing little boy. after starting life four weeks early (he was born at 36 weeks exactly) and as a preemie (he weighed 5 pounds and 10 ounces) and on the light bed for severe jaundice, he has come a LONG way. and even through the sleepless infant nights and the frustrations of potty training, he has brought us more joy than we knew possible. he’s our first. he’s our only boy. and while he’s our “practice” child for learning how to parent, he’s been gracious and kind to us all through the process. he’s quick to forgive and he’s quite loving of us, his sisters, extended family and his friends. he’s not perfect – far from it – but he’s a pretty cool dude.


-he seems to be quite intelligent. he knows all his letters by sight (upper case definitely and he knows MOST lower case letters) and by sound. he can write all of them and he’s learning to read and write by sounding out words.

-he loves numbers and he’s learning how to add and subtract.

-he’s a pretty good little artist and i have a LOT of his artwork in this year’s Project Life album.

-his current LOVES are the Marvel Super Heroes (especially The Avengers) and legos.

-after just one month of swim lessons (2x weekly for 25 minutes each), he turned into a fish. after being quite timid in the water, he now LOVES it and can’t get enough of the water (which makes me SOOOOOO happy)!

-he’s still a picky eater but he’s doing better about eating without too many complaints AND about eating the portions he’s served

-he hates to be wrong and he hates to get in trouble (which usually gets him in MORE trouble when he LIES about NOT doing something that he actually DID do)

-he’s wearing 4T clothing still, but i’ll move him into some 5T clothing (shirts, mostly) f0r school. His waist is quite small still so I don’t know what will happen when he needs to wear pants to school.

-he is ELATED that he gets to start school in less than two weeks. i’m thrilled for him. and i’m terrified (“he’s so little!”). God’s grace will carry us BOTH through this!

-he’s the ONLY grandson on BOTH sides of the family (so far – there are still “children-to-come” on Dave’s side of the family).


there are probably hundreds more things i can and should say about him. but i’ll stop here and just share with you a photo montage of his 5 years of life.


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