a summer delicacy

we have a new favorite treat around here….. homemade pudding pops!


1. mix your pudding according to the directions on the box (and yes, we use WHOLE milk in this house. mmmmmm!):


2. then you make sure the kids are all occupied (unless you LIKE having extra hands available to help):


3. then you dust some sprinkles on the bottom of a dixie cup:


4. and you pour some pudding into the cups on top of the sprinkles. and add popsicle sticks:

(i don’t have photos, but this time i did rainbow sprinkles, pudding, chocolate sprinkles and more pudding…. layers are yummy!)


5. freeze the pops:


6. and enjoy! (you have to rip/tear/peel the paper cup off the “popsicle” in order to eat it). we always enjoy them so much that we haven’t managed a photo yet of anyone actually EATING the tasty goodness!


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