today i am thankful for

- healthy kids

- a sun-filled, bright blue sky

- Target (we have to pick up a few things)

- the pool at the YMCA (b/c we plan to spend a couple of hours there this afternoon)

- pizza for dinner (what better way to make an evening without daddy fun?)

- our new house (photos to come, i promise…. the home inspection is later this week so i’ll be able to measure rooms and windows AND take photos!)

- a (thus-far) scorpion-free home (my friend has found two scorpions in her home in the past 24-hours)

- my brother is going to visit us for a few days!

- we know where Davey is going to school this fall! i can’t get him fully registered until 2 days before school starts (based on his birthday, medical insurance, needing 5-year old/kingergarten immunizations, our vacation dates, etc.) but we know WHERE he’s going and i can get all the paperwork started as early as NEXT WEEK!

- packages from nana (b/c they contain clothing my kids love and the most recent one even included a cute skirt for me!)




One thought on “thankful

  1. I’m thankful that I have a talented grandson who draws pictures of Nana. I’m thankful that Sam is a chatty Kathy. I’m thankful that Alexandra is a sweetie petitee and I’m thankful that Jenny gets the scorpions and not you! Sorry Jenny!

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