the stormerator

a few months ago we pulled out davey’s legos (many of which used to belong to dave and his brothers when they were much younger!) and while he would build a few things, he mostly just made a giant mess with them. so back up on the shelf they went. but last week (or was it the week before) when davey was feeling fine but his sisters were still sick, i pulled them out again in an attempt to enjoy a QUIET and UN-INTERRUPTED rest time. it worked. i didn’t hear a peep out of him for an hour…. and then he popped into my room to show me the airplane he’d built. or was it a jet. it was VERY cool and actually VERY impressive (he used some Lego pieces in ways i didn’t know they could ┬ábe used! dave later explained to me that they were “advanced” uses for legos).


his imagination has taken off over the past week. tonight he showed us this:


he called it “The Stormerator.” dave and i were impressed. and davey, oh-so-nonchalantly explained it to us.┬áthat angled blue lego you see in the front shoots out rain clouds and makes it rain/storm.



i LOVE this kid! i LOVE his inventions. and i LOVE his imagination!



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