re-stocking and new designs

about two weeks ago my friend Julie let me know that my pacifier strap stash at The Dutch Market in Lynden was running low. she said there were a few options still for baby girls but there were only frogs left for baby boys. that just would not do! i set about IMMEDIATELY (within the hour, i believe), to make some more! i made some grey and blue and brown monkeys.


and then i created a new design: basketballs:


and they came together so quickly and easily (even the newly designed and created basketballs) that i tried my hand at a baseball:

not too shabby, if i may say so.


so i dug through some drawers and found a few other little felties that had been made but never used for anything. i dug out my ribbon stash and the next day i ventured to Hobby Lobby (without children!) for some new ribbon and velcro. and then i had this:

a pile of ribbon strips, felts and suspender clips.


and a day or two days later, i had this:

that, my friends, is a POOR photo of 34 (yes, THIRTY-FOUR) paci straps ready to be packaged and sent up to Lynden! [and i found 5 more ready-to-go paci straps in another drawer].


i posted the above photo on Facebook and before i could even get them all packaged and ready to mail, i sold two to a friend from church here in Arizona! earlier this week i packed them all into a priority envelope and shipped them up to the shop in Lynden. i suppose it’s possible that they’re already out on the floor ready for you to purchase! at $7 each, they make a great gift!


and in case you’re wondering, i AM working on some MORE new designs. late this week i created some lady bugs:

(you can see my sketch and then the finished product in the above photo). next up (in no particular order): footballs and butterflies.

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