picture this…

picture this:

6 weeks (at least?) of house-hunting.

[at least] 36 houses.

3 offers made (well, 4 offers but only 3 houses – we made two offers on 1 house).


then it all came to a screeching halt.


davey got sick.

then alex got sick and even went to the doctor

then sam got sick and SHE went to the doctor.

then alex started cutting a few new teeth.

then davey got sick again.


and finally, yesterday, the kids were “healthy enough” for some more house hunting.

we got to the first house and our realtor (mike) and i were overwhelmed (that’s an understatement!) with the decor in the home. and samantha was terrified when she almost got eaten by a dog (slight exaggeration).


house #2 for the day (#38 overall) was a good house. one story (not quite what we want but willing to consider it). but it was one bedroom short for us. but good. possibly workable. no, wait, maybe not. but… okay, maybe. no. well, i don’t know.


so on to the next house. we pulled up to the third house  (#39 overall) and alex threw up. a lot. an awful lot. [in retrospect, i think she gets motion sick]. i think i used about 25 wipes to clean up the worst of the mess AND i removed her dress and put a beach towel on her car seat. mike asked if i wanted to bail. [um, nope! i was home with sick kids for 7 days and i was finally out in the fresh air (well, the air-conditioned car) and i was doing my homework/job (house-hunting).... would YOU have bailed?!?]


so wearing her diaper and wrapped in a beach towel, we checked out the house. i remember nothing about it. nothing. good thing i took notes on all the houses we’ve looked at. too bad they’re downstairs while i write this!  :)


so back in the car and off to the 4th/40th house. i immediately fell in love with the guest room (just to the left of the front door). i did NOT fall in love with the carpet in the dining room. i like the carpet. but not that it’s in the dining room. and i like the kitchen. well, not the ACTUAL cabinets. the color is fine. but they have that “flap” on one door for each “set” so you have to open and close the two doors for a cabinet in a specific order. i HATE those kinds of cabinets. (my apologies if that’s what you have and you like them. it’s a personal preference and it’s my personal preference to NOT like those kinds of cabinets). the laundry room leads to the garage and it’s rather large (the laundry room, not the garage). and then there’s a full bath downstairs and the hallway leads into the second door in the guest room. the backyard looks large (for this area) and it’s large enough for a POOL (needs to be added) AND a play structure (what we’ve been promising davey for over a year)!


since the house is unoccupied and my arms were tired of carrying alex around (in her diaper and a beach towel, may i remind you), and the house was CLEAN (brand new carpet) so i put her down and headed up the stairs. the master and the loft are to the right. down the hall there’s a cluster of three bedrooms and a bathroom. and i knew it was the one. well, maybe not THE one, but the NEXT one that was worthy of an offer. yep.


so i called dave and he and mike agreed to see the house together later in the day. and i headed home with the kids.


and several hours later (though it felt more like DAYS later) dave finally texted me to tell me he was at the house (the kids and i were getting ready to head to the Y to go swimming). and then i saw i missed a call from him so i called him back. and then we decided to make an offer on the house.


and two hours later our offer was finished, submitted and a counter had been made. SERIOUSLY. after WEEKS of searching. after walking through filthy pig-sty houses and some beautiful houses. after THREE other offers. it was that easy. that quick. that…. settled.


closing is set for July 25 (while we’re on vacation in Washington). we’ll move in sometime in august. so i’ll have to drive davey to school for a few weeks until we move into the house, but it’ll be worth it.


to say i’m relieved and i’m thankful and i’m blessed are all understatements. thank you for all your prayers. i’ll share photos soon. or later. but sometime. definitely sometime. but for now, HERE is a link to the redfin listing of the house. what do you think?


or if that link doesn’t work for you, HERE is a link to the zillow listing of the house.


can you imagine what would (or would not) have happened if i had let (a lot of) Alex’s vomit stop me from seeing houses?!   :)



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