did you know?

- did you know that i make a double batch of from-scratch pancakes at least once a week? alex LOVES pancakes (no butter or syrup needed) and the kids like them with chocolate chips added in.


- did you know that i’ve looked at AT LEAST 36 houses? we’ve put an offer in on THREE houses (third offer went in last night. we should hear back by 11 today)


- did you know there’s a “modified year-round” school district here? it’s one of the districts where we’ve been looking to buy a house. i’ve been not-so-secretly praying for a house in a DIFFERENT school district. Chandler schools start on July 23rd…. right in the middle of our vacation to Washington. Gilbert schools start on August 6 (or 8?)…. a few days AFTER we get home from our vacation to Washington.


- did you know i FINALLY got the bodywork done on my pathfinder last week. it looks pretty and unbroken now. they armor-alled the interior of the car. the whole thing. shiny!


- did you know alex likes to crawl around in the shallow end (aka: beach entry area) of the pool at the Y?!


- did you know davey can swim underwater?


- did you know i “caved” on tuesday and bought the kids (D&S) kick boards to use at the pool? The Avengers for Davey and Hello Kitty for Samantha.


- did you know i INTENDED to add photos to this post but i’m being lazy?


- did you know that i’ve mopped more since moving to Arizona than i have in the rest of my life combined? it’s really dusty here and my downstairs needs to be mopped at least once a week.


- did you know that my nails are currently painted pink and every time i notice them i think my hands are a throw back to the 1980s?

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