wardrobe wonders…..

here’s a total random “DIFFERENT” about life in AZ vs. WA:


in WA, i hunted HIGH and LOW for bermuda shorts that were only an inch or two above my knee. i wanted those long shorts. i thought it was to hide my thighs. in retrospect, i think it was to hide my pasty white legs. as soon as we moved to AZ, i realized those shorts are too long. too hot. too… well, just “too.”


since moving to AZ, i’ve been on the hunt for modest but shorter shorts. you know, 5 inches long (from the crotch is how that’s measured, in case you’re worried that i’m turning into a hussy). i’m still struggling to find some that fit right, are a decent price (under $20) and are the right color(s). but that’s my quest. i recently ordered FOUR pairs from old navy. i like ONE pair. but i’m not convinced about the color (bright pink) so today i’ll head back to the store and cross my fingers that SOMETHING will work.


it’s amazing the havoc that can be let loose on one’s wardrobe because of a little bit of skin color.   :)


other wardrobe changes for me:

-am trying to wear more skirts (if only i could FIND more that aren’t scandalously short or tight – or both!)

-tank tops (with spaghetti straps) are my DAILY attire here (i hate those wide strap tan lines). i don’t even like to wear t-shirts (again, i hate funky tan lines)

-dresses – i want to wear them all the time. unfortunately, they seem to be too long or too short. where’s that happy medium?!

-bathing suits. instead of wearing one a few times a year, i wear one a few times a week. so i’ve purchased two new ones since moving here.

-jeans: my jeans have all been relegated to the back of the closet for the past 2 months. in fact, i think i tried to wear one pair in the past two months but it was too darn hot.



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