so much the same and so much different

wanna know something? so much of my life – OUR LIVES – is the same here in arizona as it was in washington. and yet, so much is different. which should we talk about today? the same? yeah. that’s what i think, too. b/c that way, if you live in Lynden you’ll know that my life, while filled with much more sunshine, is pretty much the same as it was when i lived a few doors down from you. or across the alley. or up the street. or across town. so here goes:


- i still try to wake, shower and dress (this includes hair, make-up and jewelry) before the kids do each day. it’s not always easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it.

- my kids are still required to stay in their room until 8am. well, alex doesn’t understand that yet, so she gets a “pass” but the other two know the rules AND how to read the number “8″ on the clock.

- i still have to get out of the house regularly. a whole day at home, no matter how large the house, is difficult for me.

- Davey still eats a PB&J sandwich [almost]  EVERY. DAY. for lunch.

- Ironing is still a rarity for me. Once a month is about all i manage. i have great intentions but intentions don’t get the ironing done.

- i still have Robby the Robot (aka: Roomba) to do my vacuuming. i love Robby. He makes my life easier.

- i still run the dishwasher almost every single night before bed and empty it in the morning while the kids are eating breakfast.

- i still shop at costco, target and safeway regularly (almost weekly) even though i have a ridiculous amount of OTHER shopping options.

- i’m still not very good, faithful or reliable about meal planning. i still make the same meals over and over and over again. some of them i don’t even like.

- i still INSIST on rest time FOR ALL in the house after lunch. even if davey doesn’t sleep he has to play QUIETLY in his room so i can have some time to myself to regroup. or craft. or watch tv. or sit and do nothing.

- i still get frustrated with my children.

- i still love to shop – in stores. on line. anywhere.

- i still have curly hair.

- i still wear the same make-up look that i’ve had for the past 3 or 5 or 10 years. some day i really WILL address this issue.

- i still like to think up crafty things to make/do. then i buy what i need to do them. then the project sits, unfinished (sometimes un-started) for ages. i’m trying to be better about that. lots better.

- i still hate to work out but i like what it does for me. hence, the reason Zumba! is part of my routine.

- checking the mail is still one of the highlights of my day. i REALLY get excited for “real” mail or packages.

- i still don’t paint my fingernails.

- i still like to wear different clothing to church than i wear in my daily life. i’m “old school” about “dressing up” for church, i guess.

- i still love sweets. i still significantly restrict the quantity of sweets my children consume on a daily basis.

- i’m still an east coast driver (with some west-coast mellowness thrown in there after almost 13 years of living in the NW)

- i still hate to talk on the phone

- i still drink a mug of earl grey tea almost every morning

- stauffer’s animal crackers are still a staple in our pantry (found at Walmart, Dollar Tree or sometimes in the dollar spot at Target)

- i still store my laptop next to the couch. and i open it multiple times a day.

- i still walk around barefoot most of the time. so yes, my feet are almost always filthy. many nights i’ll wash my feet in the bathroom sink before bed b/c they’re THAT dirty.

- alex is still crawling around. she has NO DESIRE to walk. she does walk along furniture but she has not yet taken a step on her own.

- i still make random piles of STUFF everywhere. i hate it. some day perhaps i’ll be better about putting things away?

- i still love sweets and junk food. i can sometimes be found “hiding” somewhere in the house so i can scarf down something sweet and tasty without my kids knowing what’s going on (b/c i don’t want to share)!


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