i apologize, in advance, for the randomness of this post. but there are thoughts i need to jot down and this is the best place for me to not lose them. so here goes.


-cinco de mayo party was AWESOME.

-dave makes some MEAN carnitas. who knew that yummy, delicious, salty and TASTY carnitas was pork FRIED IN LARD?! so gross. but so good!

-hitting a piƱata is FUN!

-house hunting is exhausting. and exhilarating. and frustrating. and exciting. so many emotions – it’s definitely draining!

-alex with an ear infection is NOT fun. alex recovered from an ear infection is sweet, lovable, chatty (with babbling), smiley and more.

-retraining alex to fall asleep on her own, in her own crib is NOT fun. but it might be getting better. i sure hope so.

-davey and samantha with head colds/allergies are not fun. especially the whining. but they are troopers and they let almost nothing slow them down.

-going to bed a few nights in a row before 9 and being sound asleep before 9:30 is a sure-fired way to get “back on track” with waking up before the rest of the family!

-going to bed ridiculously early does NOT help me accomplish anything “extra” around the house or with my own projects

-meal planning is a good thing. i’m pretty much a wreck without it (like i have been this past week)

-i do NOT want to be “that mom” that is known for yelling at her kids.

-it’s hard to make myself go BACK to the gym for Zumba! after missing a few classes due to sick kiddos

-seeing the house hunt come “full circle” from how it started over a year ago in Lynden is pretty crazy. God has a good sense of humor.

-shopping is an addiction. but i’m keeping the TWO pairs of shoes i bought this week. ‘cuz they’re so fun and perfect for life here in AZ!

-my husband works hard – really hard – at his job. and i admire him for his work ethic (about as much as i am frustrated by it). and i love him for providing for us.

-it feels good to have officially “quit” my grown up job for the second time since having kids. now if i would just pack up the laptop and return it to them….

-vintage shopping is SO. MUCH. FUN.

-i’m going through garage sale shopping WITHDRAWAL – it’s been about a month since i’ve done any!

-sawing alphabet blocks in half can make a girl pretty sweaty.

-fun mail is when (Great) Uncle Jon sends pictures of Dave/Daddy from 1989

-105* isn’t as hot as you would think. but i reserve the right to change my mind later this summer!

-i miss my friends

-being “homesick” isn’t fun

-it’s SO CUTE how much Alex LOVES the show Blues Clues (she MUCH prefers the original episodes with Steve… Joe’s not a good “replacement” for her)

-i LOVE to watch Alex scoot backwards on the couch or at the top of the steps so she can get/go down.

-Davey is getting to be a REALLY good artist.

-Sam is so easily frustrated when trying to draw or write. i’m afraid she’s so much like her mother….


and that, my friends, is enough for today.


unrelated: i LOVE the kids in the above photo. my three plus two of Jenni’s kids: Lacey and Jada. i had the privilege of watching the girls for an hour or two one morning while Jenni worked in Blake’s Kindergarten class. Alex is OBSESSED with Jada (and Jada’s pretty impressed with Alex) and Lacey is the PERFECT child to play with D&S – she’s 8months younger than Davey and 7 months older than Sam. she loves to play princess dress up AND marvel super heroes. could God have provided any more perfect match for us here?

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