i’m tired of looking at houses. i’m not trying to complain, i’m just stating a realistic fact. i’m ready at the drop of a hat to look at any new house that’s on the market. even if i see it within HOURS of it being on line, there are usually a few offers already placed. seriously. here in arizona it’s a SELLERS market. and we sold our home in Lynden in a BUYERS market. ugh. at least they’re a bit even.


last friday i went to look at three houses. liked the first one enough to call dave at work and have him come see it. turned out there were already FOUR offers on it and they were calling for “highest and best” by 5 that night. so we did it. we offered MORE than asking price (and the asking price is already over the estimated value of the house!). we made our earnest money HARD after 10 days. and we offered to pay closing costs. that’s a pretty major offer. and we STILL didn’t get the house. WOW!


in the end, it’s fine. we weren’t in LOVE with the house. but it met all our criteria and it was within our budget (even with those bonus “bumps” noted above) and it was move-in ready. it wasn’t the house for us. we’re fine with that. but now we will continue to look. i am getting frustrated. impatient. tired. discouraged.


but there’s a house out there for us. it’s all in God’s perfect timing. there’s a reason why we didn’t buy that house in Lynden a year ago. there’s a reason our home in Lynden took 9 months to sell. it’s all in HIS perfect timing. i KNOW that. i do. i KNOW it. in my head AND in my heart. but that doesn’t make this process less frustrating. i am, after all, human.


so today is monday and we’re back on the hunt. only there’s nothing new on the market over the weekend. NOTHING. weird.

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