daddy’s first time

with a horrified gasp, it was earlier this week that i learned dave had not yet been to freestone park in gilbert. we rectified that on saturday. our adventure began with a bigger breeze than anticipated (i was chilly in my shorts and tank top), the kids riding their bikes and alex sitting (excitedly) in her stroller.


we immediately went to the kids’ play ground (the one by the bathrooms) and let the kids play in the sand, on the swings and slides and whatever else it is that they did there. alex even played in the sand for awhile (with mommy right there). then we headed off on a walk/ride around the water. davey decided to ride his bike down a BIG hill. he did great! sam wanted to do it, too. she started off great but then at the bottom got too wobbly, didn’t put her feet down and ended up FLIPPING OVER HER HANDLEBARS. yes. she literally FLIPPED over her bike. dave was right there. she wasn’t injured – just scared. i carried the bikes up the hill and she ended up walking around the water instead of riding her bike.


i loaded the bikes and stroller into the car and we headed to the carnival area. we bought a batch of 20 tickets and we all rode the train (15 tickets) around the park.


then we had a few tickets left over so davey and sam climbed on the wave runners and went for a spin:

alex was acting like she wanted to ride with them… but we don’t think she’s quite ready for a parent-less ride yet.

davey and sam LOVED the ride and they both wanted to ride MORE rides but with only one ticket left, we hustled them out of the carnival area.


back to the car for the stroller and our lunches and back into the park we wandered.

after lunch, both D&S wanted to play on the hill (run down and up and down and up and down and up….) so we skipped the playground and shifted our “home base” to the grass to watch them, let alex crawl and play and just enjoy the nice weather.

(those TINY DOTS in the middle of that last photo are Sam on the left in a white skirt and Davey on the right).


it was about 1 o’clock when we left the park and headed to old navy so i could return some stuff and try on some shorts. and there was a kohls nearby, so we hit that store, too. before we knew it, it was a VERY LATE nap day (after 3) so we opted for EASY for dinner (burgers)!


all in all, it was a VERY successful day. and i no longer need to be horrified that dave hasn’t experienced freestone park. because he has. and he liked it.



[all photos in this post were taken with my iPhone. the square shaped photos were taken with the Hipstamatic app, which is why they look more vintage.]

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