can you find the differences?

remember those “games” where you’d have to spot the 7 differences between two almost identical pictures/drawing/photos? i loved those things. and now that you’ve read about some similarities of my life in Mesa vs Lynden, i think it’s time to share some differences. what do you think – are you interested?


- Costco is 2 miles from my house. that means i can run over there after dinner to pick up just ONE item and it’s still worth the gas used to make the trip!

- i have shopping options here. even though i shop some of the same stores, there are multiples of EVERY store to visit. i think i’ve already been to 10 different target stores in a 20-minute radius from my home.

- i check the weather forecast daily to determine if i’m going to wear a tank top or a t-shirt. no more long sleeves, jeans or capris for me!

- for unknown reasons, i make pancakes (from scratch) at least 3x a week for breakfast. plain for alex and chocolate chip for D&S and me.

- we don’t go to play group. we don’t have lots of play dates with lots of different friends.

- i don’t have multiple “would you please help me by babysitting my kids for me for an hour or three?” options.

- i don’t have someone who will do my hair (for a decent price)

- i don’t know where to find all the good deals (garage sales, discount stores, etc.)

- i don’t know where everything is located. so sad, i know.

- i miss having a family doctor who KNOWS us, knows our background and can easily fit us in on the same day

- i miss seeing people i know at the grocery store (or anywhere) even when i have on no make up and am wearing grubby clothing

- i miss feeling “familiar” at church. i miss seeing people i know across the room. i miss the knowing smiles and looks and hugs from friends.

- i hide from the sun more than run into it here. it gets hot.

- i carry a LARGE tumbler of ice water EVERYWHERE i go. EVERYWHERE. it’s pretty much a national travesty if i forget it.


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