swimming outside in april

late last week i joined the local YMCA AND i signed up the kids for swim lessons. twice  a week for 20 minute group sessions for 4 weeks. swim lessons started yesterday (Monday). it was breezy but still in the 70s and the pool is heated to at least 80* (year round!) so the kids were warmer IN the water than OUT. we arrived early enough that the kids were able to go in the pool BEFORE class started. they LOVED the water. it’s a beach-entry (or zero-entry) pool, so you go from the concrete to the water and it gradually gets up to 4-feet deep. there are a few swimming lanes (on the other side of a wall that runs down 3/4 of the length of the pool).


Teacher Katie seems like an EXCELLENT teacher for my kids. and Jenni’s kids (Lacey is in the same class as Davey and Samantha while Blake is in the next class b/c he’s a year older).


Here’s Sam getting her high-five for her great “bobbing” skills:


This is Sam practicing her kicking with the paddle board:

And this is Davey practicing his kicking with the paddle board:


This is Davey doing a back float:


And Davey practicing getting in and out of the water:


After those (and a few other) skills were attempted by all 6 kids, they had to “alligator crawl” to the very shallow part of the water:


This is where they took turns putting their face in the water:


neither of my kids did a great job getting their faces wet, but that will come with time!


they each swam/played in the water for another 10-15 minutes after their class ended. and then they got wrapped up in their towels b/c they were COLD:


i look forward to watching them progress with their skills as the month continues. and i’m praying that i have at least one “water bug” child. i was a water bug growing up. to this day, i PREFER swimming in a pool. and yesterday, when the kids were in the pool, i was LONGING to join them. unfortunately for me, i was not wearing a bathing suit so i had to stay on a chair….

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