so many random…

so many random things running through my brain. so many photos + stories to share with you.


but for now, i’ll simply say it was GREAT to have nana here for 2 weeks. the Logos “retreat center” (aka: the mansion, aka: logos house) is amazing. i am blessed. it’s DUSTY/DIRTY here and i plan to RE-mop my floor tomorrow morning with a new floor cleaner. i just completed my 2011 TTB taxes (only 3 months late!). my alcohol tolerance is increasing. i LOVE my kids. i’m learning to LET GO. the sun is my friend. swim lessons at the Y are fabulous.


and i’m nervous about going to Zumba tomorrow morning at 10 for the first time in over THREE MONTHS!


God is good all the time and all the time God is good.

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