taking nana to freestone

while nana was here, dave and i went away overnight (a belated birthday celebration for me) and we shopped (a lot) and just enjoyed time together (talking, breathing, etc.). we celebrated nana’s birthday twice (thanks for the first party, heather!). we visited a few parks. we introduced nana to a few new eateries. we went hiking at treasure loop. we shopped and played and laughed and ate and entertained and had fun and a whole host of other things i can no longer remember.


shall i start you off with some photos from freestone park? D&S rode their bikes there. they played on the FIRST play ground. then we fed the ducks (and we enjoyed a duck fight – seriously!). we wound our way around to another play ground where alex played in the sand and enjoyed the swing while the other two played before we made our way back to the car and enjoyed some Chick Fil A for lunch (thanks for the treat, nana!).


i’ll share more photos & stories in more posts as the days go by.

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