the rains came down….

we had a false alarm here last month with a “big rainstorm” that turned out to be less “storm” and less “rain” than we expected. we have apparently been lulled into a stupor thanks to the sunshine and happiness of this vast and beautiful desert where we now live because when they called for a “big rainstorm” this past weekend, we neglected to PREPARE for it. we had cardboard boxes all over the backyard (can someone PLEASE tell me where there’s a recycling center?!) along with toys, strollers, bikes, scooters, balls, buckets, stuffed animals and more. we woke up on sunday morning to a LOT of rain and to some COLD weather (the high for the day was 55*!) and to some waterlogged boxes and toys. oops. guess those 12.5 years i spent in the great northwest have been wiped clean from my system after just 7 weeks here in arizona!


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