Munchkin photo shoot gone awry

i found these Christmastime photos the other day when i was looking for some specific family photos. i’m pretty sure i never shared these with you and you would like to see them b/c they are SO TYPICAL of what happens when i TRY to take a photo of all three Munchkins.


not a great photo, but at least everyone’s looking at the camera. let’s not discuss the reality that davey isn’t wearing any pants:


sam’s looking away and davey, while trying to be helpful, is obviously working hard to “hold” alex in place:


sam’s STILL looking away, alex is now sticking out her tongue (cute, yes, but great photo, no) and davey is looking down:


and now, before we’ve even captured a photo that’s “okay,” alex is finished with this photo session… and she’s crawling her way out of the viewfinder:


but then she decides she wants to WATCH the action rather than be a PART of the action, so she plops down DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the camera:


and then alex realizes she’s in the way and starts to move… off to better activities, i suppose:


and THAT, my friends, is why photos of ALL THREE of the Dunkin Munchkins are difficult to come by! [i can only imagine how difficult it is to get a decent family photo of the Duggers!]



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