hooray! it’s 9:58 pm as i sit down to type this. it’s BIG BIG BIG news for me. and news that none of you will care to know. but i want it documented. we have been in arizona for almost 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS. and tonight, we finally ordered our new washer and dryer. FRONT LOADERS! we ordered THIS washer and THIS dryer. hooray for sears for having the best deal even WITH having to pay for delivery! and while we were there tonight, applying for our credit card to get an additional 5% back AND 6-months no interest financing, we found a good deal on a new fridge… the fridge of our dreams. so here you have it, folks. in less than 48 hours my home will have a brand new washer and dryer installed. the fridge is on back order until march 8, but we can wait for it. want to see the fridge? it’s THIS one!


tonight, i am VERY THANKFUL for presidents’ day (weekend) sales!


and tomorrow morning, jenni has offered to watch the kids (all three!) so i can have some MOMMY time. i plan to open a few local bank accounts (us, each kid and TTB), buy some meat for dinner, visit Michaels (the craft store) CHILD FREE, and a whole host of other “if i have time and i’m in the mood i’ll swing by there” errands (Goodwill, Walmart/Target, etc.). and i think i need to return to the antique store b/c there’s something i can’t stop thinking about (even though i know it’s not an antique nor is it vintage AND it’s overpriced)…. so perhaps it’s time to go get it?!

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