….moving story continued….

so when last you read, you discovered that we were packed and living with dave’s parents and all three kids were sick and our toilet at home was still clogged with a roll of unused toilet paper and it was the middle of a snow storm. the first actual snow storm in over 2 years. yes. i am very serious.



Tuesday: 1/17: LOADING day brought the CONTINUATION of the snow storm (another 4-6 inches) and RIDICULOUSLY cold temperatures (single digits). The moving truck driver couldn’t get up the hill to loaded Tom & Jenni’s stuff so they headed into Lynden (1 hr 45 min later) and started to load our belongings. The loaders weren’t quite as friendly as the packers, but they worked hard all day long. One loader, however, did pee into the still-plugged kids’ toilet. i’m pretty sure the guy who did it eats a steady diet of pizza and pop and NEVER drinks any water. (gross!)

- Dave’s car got loaded onto the transport truck in the early afternoon, so we were down to one vehicle.

- the temperature in the house was in the 40s and 50s all day even though day had the thermostat set at 65*   we are not looking forward to that heating bill!

- it took ALL DAY for them to load our belongings into the truck and then they had to head to the storage unit to load those boxes into the truck. Then they drove to Sudden Valley (to tom & jenni’s) and couldn’t get up the hill. and they actually got the truck STUCK.


- on Wednesday morning, the movers still couldn’t get up the hill to Tom & Jenni’s house. As of Wednesday afternoon, the plan was to rent a U-Haul to SHUTTLE the Philpot’s belongings from their house, via U-Haul, down the hill to the moving truck. But none of that would happen until probably Friday (20th) to allow time for the snow to melt (per the forecast).


On Thursday, 1/19/12, at 6:something in the morning, Karen, our realtor, forwarded an e-mail to us with an offer on the house. It was insulting ($205K when the list price was $229K). I was up with Alex who, again, hadn’t slept well so neither had I. I was crabby and I was coming down with a head cold. Ugh. It was not a good start to my birthday.


The roads were still too snow-covered and slick for the moving truck to get up the hill to load the Philpots belongings. This meant another day’s delay in loading the van AND in leaving for AZ. Which meant Tom wouldn’t be there to sign for the vehicles (and pay the driver). Since Tom and Jenni still had a house full of belongings in Bellingham, they couldn’t head to AZ, so we realized we were going to have to leave Lynden a day EARLIER than planned. But then we did the math and discovered that would leave us stranded in Arizona with no beds, blankets, pillows, etc. for FIVE nights, just to “accept” the cars.


Heather & Paul Nardi to the rescue! heather is a friend of mine from our early high school days. she’s been living in arizona for over 15 years. They agreed to sign for the cars so we could stay north a bit longer (to avoid extra hotel costs). Tom and Jenni sent the check for the vehicle transport driver to them for the Monday delivery of the cars.


We headed to the elm street house to clean and to let the kids run around in the empty rooms (and to help them “process” this move a bit more). Upon entering the house, Davey said “but the rooms are still here.” He thought we were taking the rooms of the house with us. Sweet child. Dave ended up running errands and getting stuck fixing a big problem for work so he wasn’t at the house while we were there. His mom was a huge help in vacuuming the rooms and cleaning the kitchen. the kids had fun running around in the various rooms. i was busy chasing after them most of the time.


By mid-afternoon, I was done. Alex napped on the ride from Elm Street to Fern Drive and that was all. I was tired, sick, cold, frustrated, defeated, disappointed, depressed and more. Just before dinner was put on the table, I headed to the shower where I cried, prayed, told myself I was being selfish and took some time to BREATHE. I really needed it. it was definitely turning out to be a pretty awful birthday for me.


After a day of excessive crabbiness and not going to bed easily, Sam threw up ALL OVER the bed around 9. Davey was out cold and pretty much slept through the whole fiasco. they were sharing a bed. it was the perfect end to my birthday.


On Friday, 1/20/12, I woke up and CHOSE to have a better day. i enjoyed a morning out with Julie. it was still snowy and icy. she drove (slowly) and we stayed local. We enjoyed Starbucks, Rite Aid, Grandiflora and More Than Antiques. I found a few treasures I couldn’t live without (“box,” #5, “&” and a folding tape measure) and then she returned me to Fern Dr. It was a wonderful outing, despite my red nose (too much head cold) and the icy roads. While I was out with Julie, Dave texted me to let me know that Alex had said (not “signed”) the word “MORE.” HOORAY…. my baby is FINALLY going to start talking a little more (at 18 months)?!


At 2 o’clock, Dave and I met with Karen (realtor) to discuss the (insulting) offer we had received the day before. She let us know that we could change the 60-day contingency about the prospective buyer getting her visa, but then they would need the 60 days for financing, anyway, b/c they couldn’t finalize the financing process until she obtained her visa (and she had already completed all the paperwork and interviews with Canada). In the end, after discussing the full situation with Karen, we agreed to a counter offer at $225K and we left the 60-day contingency as is.


We were not hopeful, though Karen did tell us that the buyers probably had some money b/c if they couldn’t go higher than $205K they likely would’ve asked for closing costs to be paid.


I spoke with Jenni in the afternoon and she told me that the moving truck had been stuck at the bottom of their hill since Tuesday night. No tow trucks would come out to try to help until the snow melted more. Jenni did advise that dispatch had confirmed that loading would happen on Saturday morning around 10am as long as the snow started to melt.


At 7pm Karen sent me an e-mail with a forward from the other agent. Via e-mail, we agreed to meet in the middle at $222,500. after waiting for months and being the “#2 choice” for a home more times than we’d care to remember, it seems we sold our house. and to think, we almost didn’t let them see it!



Saturday: 1/21/12:

around 10:30 we signed paperwork to agree to sell the house

then we went to the house and cleaned some more

and sold the twin bed

and loaded the garage fridge into tim’s truck

and re-hung the closet doors in the “nursery”

said good-bye to our neighbor, Michelle West and returned her house key



Sunday: 1/22/12:

said “good bye” to our other neighbors, the karb family

sold the washer & dryer

cleaned the garage of empty boxes and recycling

i had a much needed and much appreciated coffee date with sara whitehead

stressed about packing up ALL the stuff from mom & dad’s house and fitting it into the pathfinder

loaded the pathfinder – rather easily

said “see ya later” to the dycks


and that was that.



i promise to share photos with the next installment of our move…. the driving journey.


2 thoughts on “….moving story continued….

  1. Wow! I am convinced that you breed “exciting” moving experiences. Do you remember the move from Chicago to Ohio on New Years week-end when everything was closed and the car broke down on the Ohio turnpike? The State Patrol took us to a hotel and Uncle Steve came up from Dayton the next day to transport us to Brimfield. Then the snow started and the story gets worse…..

    1. i think i was too young to remember that… what was i, 3? i’d love to hear what made the story get “worse” though!

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