and so the story FINALLY begins….

i’ve been threatening stringing you along about our moving story. it really is fantastic. and it’s time i just start telling it. but it doesn’t start with the day we drove out of lynden. or with the day we loaded the van. or the day we packed our things. it started a little before all that…. over a week, in fact.


Saturday: 1/7/12: Samantha unrolled a (mostly full) roll of t.p. into the kids’ toilet. i was able to use tongs to pull out most of the tp and then flush the remaining unused stuff down the toilet drain. samantha did receive a time out for her naughty behavior. she promised to “nev-uh – evuh” empty a roll of tp into the toilet again.


Tuesday, 1/10/12: Davey stuck a piece of (cooked) rice from his dinner plate in his ear (“to see if it would fit!”) just as I was getting ready to leave for Zumba. It was stuck. I called my friend Sara (she’s married to a doctor) to ask if it was something that needed to be taken care of right away. Thankfully Brent (said spouse/doctor) said it could wait until the morning. So I ran out to the car and backed out of the garage to go to Zumba. it was pitch black outside and i forgot that dave wasn’t parked in the garage anymore b/c i was setting up for the garage sale. I backed the Pathfinder RIGHT INTO the Subaru. not just a little ding, either. it’s pretty awful.


Thursday, 1/12/12: Dave worked late. I went to Zumba while Catherine (13-year old neighbor girl) babysat. When I came home from Zumba, Sam had taken another ENTIRE (brand new) roll of toilet paper and emptied it into the upstairs bathroom toilet. Catherine tried to FLUSH it all (oops!) and then she tried to plunge it. By the time I got home, it was too late. The t.p. in the bowl was small pieces shredded into the water and it was impossible to use tongs OR a strainer (yep, i tried it!) to clean it out. Plunging didn’t help either. i closed the toilet lid, locked the door and went about my evening routine.


Saturday: 1/14: garage sale day: SNOW. Yes, snow. a few inches, in fact. Enough to cover the ground, create a mess and cause me to laugh. We still made $240 but didn’t sell nearly enough stuff. We had, however, been selling things via craigslist, so that helped a lot with bigger items. We are SO THANKFUL for craigslist.


Around 8 pm we received a call from a realtor who wanted to show the house on Sunday from 11:15-11:45 am. We almost said “no” because the house was a MESS from the garage sale (and life!) and we had NO PLANS to clean it up because the packers were going to come on monday to put all the “mess” into boxes. Instead, we agreed but advised the realtor that the house would not be clean since we were in the process of moving. We did run around and tidy up a bit, though the office and garage looked like things had imploded!


Sunday: 1/15/12: Alex’s PERFECT hair day – our last Sunday at Grace. Perfect “fountain” piggies.

Also, we received several desperate phone calls from Tom & Jenni Philpot (the family from Logos moving to AZ with us) reporting that snow storms were in the forecast and they were worried about the moving truck getting up their hill for loading. So they wanted to trade loading days with us and we agreed.


Monday: 1/16: PACKING day brought the start of a SNOW STORM (4-5 inches). It also started with a puking Davey (4:30 am, 8:15 am and 10:30 am), a smoker’s cough for Sam and a mucus-filled head cold for Alex. Not fun for anyone. to top it off, the PACKERS and the LOADERS are different people working for the moving company. so all our stuff got packed into box after box after box. even things that weren’t supposed to be packed. things that belonged to other people. things that were supposed to be thrown away. or given away to the goodwill. it all got packed. it took FOUR packers EIGHT long hours (11am to 7pm) to pack our home…. our belongings…. our LIFE into boxes. (mind you, this did NOT include the items we had already packed back in May and put into the storage unit!)


to top off this great Monday, Dave got a call from the vehicle transport company and they wanted to pick up the Subaru a day early (tuesday instead of wednesday) which would leave us with only one vehicle – not super convenient.


on this wonderful, snowy monday, we moved in with Dave’s parents for day 1 of 5 days. We had too much stuff but it was too stressful to try to weed it out and return some to the house so it could get put on the moving truck. Alex decided not to sleep that night unless she was in bed (only a full bed – we’re used to a king!) with us. I did not get much sleep.



and that, my friends, is all you will read today. stay tuned for more of the story….


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