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it’s official, my friends.


about two weeks ago, Dave came home with AZ license plates for our vehicles. yesterday i received my AZ drivers’ license AND registered to vote in one fell swoop that took over an hour. ugh. the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) in Gilbert off Mesa Road is not highly efficient. but it’s done. and i was able to do it child-free thanks to Jenni for watching ALL THREE of my kids!



in other news, today we sign some papers with a notary public who will come to our current rental home. yes, you read that correctly. at noon today, we will sign papers to sell our house in Lynden (see photo above). the only home we’ve ever known together (until we moved into this rental, of course). we’ve been wanting to sell it since last May so what we’re doing today is not heart-breaking, but it does give me pause. there are so many things i want to remember:

-how we found the house to buy it (out roller blading and we “took a break” to walk through three model homes)

-making carpet angels with Carrilee

-the absolute terror and fear i felt signing the papers to spend 30 years of my life to buy the house

-the thrill and excitement i felt AFTER we signed the papers to buy the house

-choosing paint colors

-registering for bathroom items to decorate the house

-moving in with a bed (mine – a queen), a computer (ours), a computer cart (mine), another bed (dave’s – twin) and our clothes and a few dishes. everything else was a shower or wedding gift and then we quickly accumulated more items over the years

-eating from (and even entertaining with) a folding card table and 4 folding chairs for the first 7 months we were married

-slowly but surely buying each piece of furniture we added to that house

-having a craft ROOM instead of a craft SPACE

-setting up our tent in the bonus room to “fill it” and do some indoor camping

-having a party with some friends in the bonus room and tent

-lots of entertaining (pre-children, at least)

-letting Christy (my pre-Dave roommate) live with us for a week or two before she got married

-letting Richard & Christy Olson (a different Christy) live with us before they left for Indonesia

-buying the hot tub

-building the deck around the hot tub

-adding flowers (perennials – i don’t really like to garden). i’m gonna miss those flowers. daisies, black-eyed susans, tiger lilies. that magnolia tree that was already in the front yard when we moved in. yep. i’ll miss those pretty blooming things!

-i remember ripping out SEVEN heather bushes that were part of the “landscaping” of the house. i’m not a fan of those bushes. they spread and die and look yucky. i was glad to pull them all out.

-coming home from Italy feeling exhausted and gross and frustrated with Dave. all i wanted to do was take a hot bath. the light under our hot water tank had gone out. NO HOT WATER!

-giving up my craft room so i could have a baby – my amazing little man, Davey

-being in labor with davey and not realizing it

-each of my children came home from the hospital to that house: 1171 Elm Street

-and many, many more…..


and there are plenty of things i’d like to forget. but i won’t list them here!  :)


i moved into that house in June of 2002. Dave moved in after our honeymoon, so he moved into the house in August 2002. For 9.5 years it was our home. we laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we fought, we recovered, we entertained, we shared, we hosted, we traveled, we parented… and that house – that HOME was our base. it’s where God allowed us to grow from individuals to a couple. from a couple to parents. from parents to a family.


but our HOME. our current HOME is wherever the five of us reside. where we are, that’s home. whether we’re in our Pathfinder driving across the country (on vacation or moving!), or in a hotel room, or in a rental house, all of those places are HOME. and that’s just our temporary home. our permanent home? our forever home? that’s in glory, my friends. in heaven, forever, with Jesus. THAT will be an amazing home, for sure!

red mountain park

a mere 4 days after arriving here in arizona, we were out running errands (dave and i and all three kids) and after we finished the boring errands (probably appliance shopping), dave decided to treat the kids to an adventure at a park. it’s not too far from us (6.7 miles) but who knew we’d find WATER in the middle of the desert?!  ;)


first we enjoyed playing at the play ground:


my little boy is growing up. he insisted on climbing over this “ladder” from one side to the other. he needed a little direction at one point, but refused to allow me to provide any “hands on” assistance:


then, following his bravery on the ladder, davey further amazed me when he reached for the pole and slid down it:

he was SO PROUD of himself when he made it (safely) to the ground!


but things started to fall apart b/c there were wood chips on this play ground and davey kept getting them in his shoes and it made him so upset that he took off his shoes and sat on the play structure waiting to leave…. and alex wasn’t all that happy nor energetic either. in fact, she started to snuggle with dave’s hair:

that girls LOVES hair!


we ventured over to the water where we found lots of ducks and a few small rocks. our kids LOVE to throw rocks into water. they think it’s one of the coolest things to do.

but then some older people shared their bread with us so the kids could feed the ducks!


there’s a path around the water and there’s an island IN the water, so we planned on returning one day with the bikes for the kids.


that day was yesterday. minus dave (he worked). but to make up for daddy’s absence, we added jenni, blake, lacey and jada to the mix and had a grand time riding bikes around the “lake” and playing on the play ground and eating (or not eating) a picnic lunch…. i must tell you that i LOVE that it’s february and we can do all sorts of fun things outside!


hooray! it’s 9:58 pm as i sit down to type this. it’s BIG BIG BIG news for me. and news that none of you will care to know. but i want it documented. we have been in arizona for almost 4 weeks. FOUR WEEKS. and tonight, we finally ordered our new washer and dryer. FRONT LOADERS! we ordered THIS washer and THIS dryer. hooray for sears for having the best deal even WITH having to pay for delivery! and while we were there tonight, applying for our credit card to get an additional 5% back AND 6-months no interest financing, we found a good deal on a new fridge… the fridge of our dreams. so here you have it, folks. in less than 48 hours my home will have a brand new washer and dryer installed. the fridge is on back order until march 8, but we can wait for it. want to see the fridge? it’s THIS one!


tonight, i am VERY THANKFUL for presidents’ day (weekend) sales!


and tomorrow morning, jenni has offered to watch the kids (all three!) so i can have some MOMMY time. i plan to open a few local bank accounts (us, each kid and TTB), buy some meat for dinner, visit Michaels (the craft store) CHILD FREE, and a whole host of other “if i have time and i’m in the mood i’ll swing by there” errands (Goodwill, Walmart/Target, etc.). and i think i need to return to the antique store b/c there’s something i can’t stop thinking about (even though i know it’s not an antique nor is it vintage AND it’s overpriced)…. so perhaps it’s time to go get it?!

kid progress

davey is 4.5 years old and LOVES being this age. he’s learning to sound out words (for spelling) and he LOVES to sit down and write, draw and color. his imagination is starting to run wild (in a good way) and he LOVES to play “Marvel Super Heros” (which basically means you pretend you’re a marvel super hero and you act out some scenario of “saving the day.”)  when i came home on saturday from my adventure with the girls, i discovered this….

his “pumping station.”


i asked him to explain it to me. basically, the people “stand” on the leaves (which are stamped onto tile coasters) and he pushes the button (the plastic “bump” in the center of the over-turned blue bucket behind the people) and it turns them good, “because they were bad.”


while i don’t get it, i LOVE his creativity with the storyline AND with using so many different items/objects to create this scene.



samantha is 3 years old and is still filled with a LOVE for life. she’s a high energy, girlie-girl tomboy who LOVES people, being outside, eating (especially sweets), books, dressing herself and being awake. she’s taking cues from davey and is learning what sound each letter makes and she’s trying to learn to sit still long enough to draw or color, though she still holds writing implements in her tightened fist. mostly she likes to scribble, and that’s just fine.


the peanut, alex, is 19 months old now. she’s still under 20#. she still wears some 6-9 and 6-12 month clothing (looser fit dresses and leggings) though she’s definitely too long for her 6-12/12 month clothing. MOST of her clothing items are size 12-18/18 months (especially footie jammies – she just looks SO LONG in those!). she can now climb an entire flight of stairs and it’s her FAVORITE place to be/thing to do. we’re forever running up the stairs to either close the gate (so she doesn’t fall down) or bring her back downstairs so she can climb again. silly girl. in the past week, she’s started going back DOWN the stairs (only if she’s already in the “going up” process) – only about 3 or 5 stairs max, but this is progress. she’s still crawling everywhere, though we can now get her to walk behind her “walking music toy” every few days. she’s just not really interested in walking yet. would you be interested in walking if people carried you everywhere? she has FINALLY cut more teeth (she cut 1 or 2 our last week in Lynden and as we were driving to AZ). she now has FIVE teeth (well, mostly nubs) on the top. add those to her two bottom teeth and she’s slowly-but-surely “catching up” to other kids! she still eats like she has a hollow leg…. she can pack away more pancakes than D&S combined! she has added NO new words to her skill set but she likes to make noises – spitting, whirring sounds, etc.

she’s really coming into her own with her personality.


and now, even though i’ve only shared one photo of each, i’ve provided you nana with an update on the kids. and i do promise there are more kid-photos to come!


girls’ morning

hi! it’s a beautiful, sunny saturday here in mesa. alex is napping, davey & sam are “resting” and dave is at the store buying dinner for tonight so i get a little more MOMMY TIME. whew!


following another difficult and sleepless night (each kid is having sleepless-at-night issues – davey has an ear infection and wicked allergies and who knows what the girls each have), i awoke early to visit a garage sale. i actually stopped at three and purchased nothing. but the first one was Kristy and Greg selling their dad’s stuff. He just passed away earlier this month. I know Kristy from our church Lynden…. her dad lived down here. It was nice to visit with someone from “home.” then i returned home, showered and got ready for GIRlS’ MORNING.


heather (my friend from high school who has lived here for over 15 years), jenni (the other logos wife who moved here), baby jada (jenni’s 3.5-month old baby girl) and i went to starbucks this morning and then to a local antique store. it turned out that today was one of the OUTDOOR ANTIQUE MARKET days, so we enjoyed roaming the aisles of a parking lot hunting for vintage treasures. i picked up something for myself and something for my friend Julie (back in Washington). then jenni ditched us (lovingly) and heather and i visited one of the two antique malls. we reminisced a lot, found fun things from our childhood and i bought two items (again, one for me and one for Julie).


my first (and best) find of the day was this scale for Julie:

i sent her a photo of it (hooray for iPhones!) and called her to see if she wanted it. it was only $6 and she’s been looking for one. hope you like this closer-up photo, julie!


then i found this bright spot:

and i was smitten. and then i discovered it was marked down to $5 (originally priced at $10). so i opened it up and my love for this piece grew when i found

POLKA DOTS on the lining!


those were the two items i bought outside. and then inside, i found that yellow pyrex refrigerator dish (no chips!) which Julie has been hunting AND that 70s/80s era black, rotary dial phone. i’ve been hunting one of those for quite some time. i really wanted it to work (so many of them have open/frayed wires and who knows if they would be “workable” again). but this little lovely had the telephone cord already attached:

and the best part? it wasn’t $100 (many of them are. truly). it wasn’t even $50 (again, many of the non-working ones are). it was only $29!!


and i came home, plugged it in (yes, we do still have a land line. it’s a local number. i don’t know what it is. just call me on my cell.) AND IT WORKS. i could hear a dial tone. I AM THRILLED!


sam and davey thought it was really cool, too. i told them they could play with it if they’re really careful.

dave and i could overhear the kids taking turns making phone calls. after a few calls to family (including nana), they started calling God. yep. on the phone. so sweet to overhear their conversations!


it was a fun day, indeed.


tonight we’re having steak for dinner with Heather and her husband, Paul. we’re looking forward to the evening of entertaining (with our kids at home running around like crazy). we’re still church hunting here, but tomorrow we plan to re-visit a church b/c a (new to us) friend is preaching.


*** and if you’re nana (or anyone else) longing to see more photos of the kids and less of my projects/house/vintage finds, patience is a virtue. i just found some fun photos of the kiddos and hope to have them posted this week!

her BFF

in case anyone is wondering, Davey and Sam DEFINITELY remember their friends from washington. on our first full day in arizona (thursday the 26th of february), we went out for breakfast at a little place across the street from dave’s office. i think it’s called Mimi’s Cafe. anyway, the kids were enjoying coloring and drawing on their place mats while we waited for our breakfast to arrive. samantha told me what she wanted me to draw. she was ELATED with the outcome:

in the box in the lower right corner where it says “draw your best friend,” she had me draw a picture of Jorja.


we miss you Mr. Tim, Auntie Clee, Henry, Jorja and Baby Albert!

after more than a week….

if you’ll recall, almost all of our worldly possessions were loaded into a moving truck in the middle of a snow storm back on Tuesday, January 17th. i remember the date clearly b/c it was two days before my birthday. one of the worst birthdays ever. ugh. but i digress (as usual). so by Friday, January 27, we were MORE than ready to see our stuff again. our beds. pillows. refrigerator. couches. dishes. grill. you get the idea.


we decided to borrow some “camping” gear from Tom & Jenni on thursday night the 26th and we “camped out” in our new house! dave and i shared an air mattress on the floor of the master bedroom. alex slept in her pack-n-play in her room. but by the time the movers arrived (sometime between 7 & 8 am), however, alex had taken over our mattress:


davey and sam slept in camo sleeping bags (thanks for the loan, Blake & Lacey!) in the loft:

it may very well have been a FIRST time for EITHER child to sleep in a sleeping bag. neither one was entirely sure how to properly “use” their sleeping bag. here are some close ups:

davey completely buried himself in Blake’s bag and samantha used Lacey’s bag to cover about half of her body.


i don’t think i can even describe to you what a JOYOUS sight this was:


while we waited for the movers to arrive and get busy unloading our stuff, i set about to feed the children a tasty and healthy treat-filled breakfast of chocolate milk and donuts…. only the best that a gas station convenience store can buy for my kids! (in truth, they got to choose their donuts at Safeway the day before, though they like gas station purchased mini Hostess donuts just as much).

davey and alex were cooperate photography subjects. but miss cranky-mc-cranky pants wanted nothing to do with the camera. i think she needed a few more HOURS of sleep.

(side note: i don’t know if it was an abnormally cold morning or if all mornings are like this, but it was REALLY COLD that morning. the kids and i were all bundled up and sam was so cold she wouldn’t eat her donut b/c she had to wear mittens on her hands)!

(check out her eye lashes!)


at some point, the day warmed up and we all got dressed in a few less layers. i figured it would make sense for me to start unpacking the kitchen first. so as boxes came in, i got to work. i had NO IDEA there were SO. MANY. BOXES of kitchen stuff. ugh. i ended up unpacking the kitchen for at least two full days before i’d made 90% progress in there. and for those of you who know me well… you know i don’t dilly dally and i don’t fret about where to put things. i just put them somewhere and move them later if needed.


at some point, i took an unpacking break to peek into the truck….

… that’s a LOT of moving blankets, batman!

(it’s hard to see b/c this is an iPhone photo, but our patio chairs are stacked up in there ready to be moved to the back yard and our grill is suspended in mid air on some boxes with stuff packed all around it. CRAZY!)


along with getting our STUFF on friday, we also got connected to the internet. if you know dave, you know that yes, indeed, this is TOP priority. it took the guy less than 30 minutes to get us up and running. well, not fully running – dave had to unpack a LOT of boxes to find our wireless router!


many, MANY thanks to Jenni for providing our dinner that evening (chili) which was an especially amazing feat since their belongings had only been unloaded the day before!



and THAT, my friends, is the end of our journey TO arizona. now the journey IN arizona begins!


Day #3: Like it or not, we have another day of driving….

Wednesday: January 25

- Alex did NOT sleep well. she ended up in bed with us quite a bit.

-Yet another LATER than hoped start to our morning drive despite skipping the hotel’s breakfast and spending an arm and a leg for breakfast at Starbucks (in the drive thru)

-just north of Redlands, CA traffic slowed to ONE LANE for several miles. ugh. that felt excruciatingly painful. we ended up stopping for lunch in Redlands. i sent LOTS of photos to Julie, ‘cuz that’s where her brother lives. she was a little jealous.

-the temperature throughout the day went from 71* to 72* to 75* to 77*!!!

-lunch at McD’s again with an (gasp!) OUTDOOR play place! unfortunately, samantha’s THIRD trip to the potty at McD’s was not successful and we THREW AWAY my favorite pair of her Hello Kitty panties. yep. i did have a favorite pair of panties for her. and they are now in a landfill with poo in them. despite the fact that they were my favorites, i still feel very strongly that i made the right decision to throw them away.

-Alex was STILL (or again?!) constipated. poor girl. must’ve been all those peas she ate in Lynden for a few days before we began our journey.

-the kids continued to open the most amazing “road trip gift bags” ever (oh-so-many-thanks to Mary Jo for putting those together!!!!). on this day, they both enjoyed some window clings (for decorating their windows for a change of scenery). since sam was in the middle seat, she ended up putting some of her window clings on her doll’s head. and then, in all her 3-year-old wisdom, she told me she had a mommy doll b/c she had eyes in the back of her head. that girl really makes me laugh sometimes!

-drove past Magic Mountain outside of LA. dave and i went there back when we were dating (about 3 weeks before we got engaged). it was valentine’s weekend and we took a road trip to visit his sister (rachel was at The Master’s College) and his friends (Justin & Brent who were living down there) and his grandparents (they were visiting great Uncle John who passed away a few years ago) and some of my friends (Jenny & Bobby!). i remember wearing Brent’s sweatshirt b/c it was chilly and i was only wearing a t-shirt and we’ll end the story there.

-we drove through a car wash b/c the pathfinder DESPERATELY needed it!


-we arrived in Arizona and still had several hours of driving to go. ugh. that felt a bit anti-climactic.

(note: a certain little girl REFUSED to get out of the car for these photos).

-we arrived at the hotel in time to visit with Tom, Jenni, Blake, Lacey & Jada. Dave & Tom drove to the houses to shuffle around our OTHER vehicles (which arrived earlier in the week) and to check out each other’s houses. as the kids and i were saying “good bye,” Jenni and I got some nasty looks from some other hotel guests (i guess our kids were a little too loud?!) but they were so thankful to be out of the car(s) that we had a hard time “controlling” them.



and now you have read our journey from beginning to end. all the grand adventures (and foibles) leading up to the road trip and then the journey itself. i have one more story to share with you…. it’s called MOVING IN day and it’s pretty grand. but that, my friends, will have to wait for another time.



Day #2: it has to get better, right?

Tuesday: January 24

-We enjoyed waffles for breakfast (well, the kids and i did) in the hotel (hooray for “breakfast included!”)

-Dave had the hotel manager give our battery a JUMP start so we could get on the road

-We STILL left later than planned. ugh.

-Drive from OR to CA

-In-n-Out for lunch

-Davey was busy coloring/drawing while the girls napped. around 4:30, he said “i’m going to throw up.” shoved an Ikea kids’ plastic bowl under his chin and he almost filled it to the top. Ugh. we were on Highway 99. we pulled off the highway. i opened my door and “flung” the contents of the bowl onto the ground. it was really gross. and i felt quite queasy after that. thankfully, it appeared to be car sickness rather than the flu.

-Qdoba for dinner

-stopped at Walmart (around 9pm) to buy “tire foam” for our slow-leaking tire (we discovered there was a large piece of metal in our tire). after waiting the allotted time and driving slowly, we returned to the highway to continue our journey. 5 minutes later, we heard a loud noise and our tire went flat. completely flat.

dave was my SUPER HERO and figured out how to access the spare. jacked up the car. removed the flat. replaced it with the spare (which, fortunately, was a full-size tire). figured out how to put the flat tire where the spare once was. reloaded the car. and we were driving away – all before AAA would have even FOUND us!

-VERY late arrival at our hotel that night. davey did NOT want to wake up the next morning.  :)

road trip

Monday, January 23rd


the snow storms were over (though another was forecasted for the 30th) and our moving van was on it’s way to arizona (on saturday they were finally able to use a U-Haul to shuttle tom & jenni’s belongings from their house, down the hill to the still-stuck-in-the-snow moving truck). tom and jenni had left on sunday (they planned to take 4 days to make the drive).


we had hoped to leave around 7 or 8 in the morning – that didn’t quite happen. but we DID pull out before 9 and we decided it would be easier to leave earlier the next two days when we were in hotels.



-less than two hours into our adventure and we discovered that we had no working DVD screens in the vehicle (so much for buying Cars 2 for the kids for the trip!)

-Alex threw up THREE times. not spit up. throw up.

-Alex was constipated

-Alex was teething

-lots of napping:


-McD’s for lunch (complete with play place for the kiddos):

-immediately following Alex’s third vomiting incident, Samantha had to use the potty so we pulled over at a rest stop. Samantha FREAKED OUT when the toilet flushed (automatically) while she was still on the potty. she JUMPED off the toilet and started SCREAMING with some poo still hanging from her bum.

-Chipotle for dinner

-LATE night arrival at our hotel in OR

-”fresh” cookies in the lobby for the hotel guests

-at the hotel, we discovered Samantha had put on the WRONG socks (aka: someone else’s socks!) at the McD’s play area (back in WA). i was grossed out. i actually threw them away. yes. i did.

-dave tried to adjust the wires in the car so the DVD screens would work for day #2 of our adventure. the wires were all correctly attached at the “easier access” points, so he realized there was nothing he could do to make them work short of taking the full stereo system out of the console. while working on the wires, however, the car battery died in the hotel parking lot.

-Dave was up until after 1am doing a load of laundry at the hotel (alex’s clothes and car seat smelled A.W.F.U.L!)