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before i get too bogged down in “catching up” here… and before i start opening MORE boxes in this house to continue with my job of unpacking, let me give you a BRIEF and incomplete tour of our new (to us) home (a rental) here in Mesa.


We live in a gated community (you can see the gate from the master bathroom window) and there’s a great (and covered) childrens’ play area less than 2 blocks from our home along with the community pool. i have a feeling it won’t be long before we make good use of that pool. driving home from costco a little while ago, our Pathfinder’s thermometer read “91*!”


The houses are close together here (even closer than on Elm Street, I think!) but that’s pretty typical of newer construction. Additionally, all the houses in this development LOOK similar. it’s easy to get lost. here’s Sam standing in front of the house last Thursday when the kids and i got to see it for the first time:

(the windows you see on the upper level are Davey’s room, Sam’s closet window in the middle and Sam’s room window on the right).


When you walk in our front door, the living room is there on the right. The photo i took last night is too dark, so you’ll have to wait for that view. Attached to the living room is the dining rom:

we’re playing “musical furniture” from the last house to this house b/c we don’t have a designated office space in this home, so our office book shelves will be in the dining room.


Continuing on the 16″ tile path you’ll enter the kitchen/family room area. We’re choosing NOT to have a table (for eating) in here so the space feels larger. We LOVE the kitchen…. especially the island. The color of the cabinets is my favorite (more so than the blonde wood in our Elm Street house) but I probably wouldn’t choose the granite you see (a little too busy for my taste):

There is a pantry just to the left of the photo (you can’t see it). And we know our white fridge doesn’t look right in there, but we’re starting with it and we’ll upgrade (sooner rather than later) to the stainless steel fridge i’ve been dreaming about and the white one will go into the garage.


here’s the family room:

you can see the hodge podge of random chairs in this room. we need SOMETHING for tv viewing (our couches are in the living room). we’re talking about buying a smaller couch for this area and the chairs will get moved around to bedrooms and/or the loft.

the door on the left in the rear of the photo leads to the laundry room and then the garage. next to it is the downstairs 1/2 bath. and the door on the right side of the photo leads to the backyard:

it’s a small backyard. but there’s grass and there’s concrete, so the kids can ride their bikes, scooters and play for hours. the cinder block walls are the “fence” which also provide some privacy from neighbors.


as you go up the stairs from the family room/kitchen, you’ll find the loft to the left and the doorway to the master bedroom on the right. our master bedroom is HUGE, which is good b/c it will serve as bedroom, craft space AND office while we’re in this house.



i worked hard last night (and late – almost 1:30) to get the master bedroom closet mostly unpacked and organized. i’m still trying to find shoe racks so i can unpack our (my!) shoes:


the loft is currently FILLED with boxes that are labeled “office,” “bonus room,” and “craft space.” it will, eventually, be the kids’ play space. with the beautiful weather and sunshine, however, it’s been easy to send the kids out back and not worry about unpacking their toys (since there’s no place to put them!).


off the loft (you can see one door, the middle one, in the photo), you’ll find 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. from right to left it’s Davey, Sam, Alex and their bathroom.


Davey’s room is blue:


Sam’s room is pale yellow:

she scored a queen size bed, which means this is the GUEST room when we have visitors. we’re missing a piece of the bed frame, however, so the mattress and boxspring are on the floor.


i would also like to point out my idea to move the clothing bar down for the kids so they can still reach their hanging clothes (they don’t have dressers, so i can’t just fold everything and put it in drawers)….

these are the tension shower curtain rods from our home on Elm Street. we don’t need them here for the bathrooms, so Davey & Sam’s walk-in closets (aka: ┬átheir secret club houses) are the perfect home for them!


i don’t have a photo of alex’s room yet – she was napping when i took the photos yesterday.


here’s the kid and guest bath:


and for now, that is the end of the tour. enjoy…. i’m off to unpack some more boxes!

3 thoughts on “partial home tour

  1. You never know how much “stuff” you’ve accumulated until you move. House and everything else seems nearly perfect. Can’t wait to see it and have the munchkins show me around.

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