packing day

today is packing day. despite the several inches of snow on the ground (photo on my FB page). i will dig out the kids’ snow clothes so they can enjoy snow ONE. LAST. TIME. and i WILL let davey play in it even though he threw up at 4am and again at 8:15am. i will also let alex play in it (for a short time) even though she threw up at 10pm and has a gnarly head cold with LOTS of snot (i hate that word but what other word can i use there?).


today i will do laundry (especially sheets) and i will pack some suitcases and a few toys for our trip to arizona in our vehicle. today we will move in with dave’s parents. today my home will become a house full of packed boxes and past memories. today i may cry. a lot. or perhaps not at all. today will be weird. heck, this whole week will be weird.



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