leaving… in a pathfinder… don’t know when we’ll be back again….

well, we’ll probably be back in july (or sometime this summer) but i got started with changing the words to the song and just kept typing!


tomorrow morning (monday, january 23, 2012) we pull out of grandpa & grandma’s driveway to begin our 3-day journey to mesa, arizona.


this past week has been a RIDICULOUS roller coaster ride complete with snow storms, a garage sale, record low temperatures, vomiting and/or feverish children, a head cold for me, selling our house (pending inspection & financing) and so much more! and i promise you, i will share the story with you. but not tonight. i HAVE, however, taken notes so you WILL get all the details (probably more than you want).


i’m not sad to leave Lynden behind. i’ve had a wonderful 12 and a half years of life here. but i’m ready for the next adventure. in NO way does this minimize the friends and family we are leaving behind. THOSE PEOPLE – YOU! – will be missed. a lot. and i do regret leaving you behind. and i will miss Lynden. i’ve loved my life here. but as a family of five we are looking forward to this opportunity.


thank you for your IMMENSE patience with my sporadic posts of late. i’m pretty sure that you’ll soon feel SWAMPED with photos and blog posts. and i know that the grandparents and nana will greatly appreciate that! please keep us in your prayers as we drive.

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