catch all

this post is a photo-less catch all.


last friday night (9th) was girls’ night out. nine of us (sara, missy, carrilee, barb, karla, megan, lisa, stacy and i) went to downtown Bellingham to enjoy dinner at D’Anna’s – some of the BEST homemade pasta/Italian food (foccacia bread…. mmmmmm!) i’ve ever eaten. with dave going “gluten free” over a year ago, it’s been a LONG time since i’ve eaten there. many thanks to my friends for making the evening fun. after dinner, we returned to sara’s house (shelly joined us!) where we ate treats, toured her new-to-her & gorgeous home, and enjoyed just being together talking, laughing, brainstorming and more.


the next day was a FABULOUS day with my dear friend julie. we visited a LOT of antique/vintage stores in downtown snohomish, ate a DELICIOUS meal at Fred’s Ale House (possibly the BEST french dip i’ve ever eaten?!), visited the “new” Hobby Lobby in lynnwood (can you say SWOON?!) and simply enjoyed being together for a day of shopping, talking, eating, talking, sharing, talking and more. we don’t need to be reminded, however, that it was COOOOOOOLD!!!  :)


on sunday (11th), we enjoyed lunch with dave’s parents at The Rusty Wagon. probably our last meal there for years to come. LOVE the breakfasts and hot sandwiches at that place. love even more that we were there with dave’s parents. we’ll miss seeing them so regularly.


this past friday night (13th) was our Open House Going Away party at carrilee’s house. LOTs of food (brisket, baked beans, cheese, cupcakes, ice cream and more), friends and memories. many, MANY thanks to one of my best friends of all time, carrilee, for putting together an amazing party. i will truly be at a loss without her living just a few miles away. she is the sister i never had and she loves me and treats me the same even though she DOES have a real-life sister. and i’ll have to blog later about the AMAZING birthday present she gave me that night. she made me cry. yep. it’s true.


yesterday (saturday the 14th) was our garage sale. we had hoped to sell off quite a bit of stuff. thankfully, craigslist has been our FRIEND for the past few weeks. we’ve sold several hundred dollars of things via craigslist. our garage sale was mildly successful, but i have AMAZING friends here. karla told me to box up the kids’ clothing (it was already priced and hung!) and store it in carrilee’s basement (she’s totally on board!) and they’ll sell it at the garage sale this coming summer. it’s over $300 (garage sale pricing) of kids’ clothing. good clothing. SO thankful for my friends to be willing to do this for me.


and today was our last day at grace. my church home for over 12 years. the first church i ever chose on my own. my facebook status today sums up my experience at Grace Baptist Fellowship: “is thankful for the church where i’ve worshipped for the past 12+ years. i’m thankful for the pastors, staff and lay people who teach sunday school, work in the nursery, “run” the women’s ministries and more. i’m thankful for the people who have come along side me over the years – when i was single and now that i’m married with a family of my own. you have all been such a blessing in my life. God gave you to me as a gift. and i will be forever grateful. and i will miss you. a lot.”


it wasn’t hard to be there today. it wasn’t hard to say “see ya later” to friends and mentors. it IS hard, however, as i think about that church. that body of believers. i grew up under their kind words, prayers, open homes, hugs, teaching, love and more. there will be another hole in my heart that will be hard to fill.



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