“accountability” group

these women, Amy, Lea, Julie and Dee:

will be missed. i’ve been a part of their scrapbooking circle for a little over a year. they meet every other friday to get together to scrapbook. or sew. or quilt. or fold laundry. or sort papers. or any variety of other random things. the “fold laundry” bit is not an exaggeration, though there is a rule. you can only work on laundry if group is at your house that day (we rotate houses). sometime in the last year, Lea renamed it “accountability group,” because although we don’t do a Bible study together, we do hold each other accountable for our actions and lives. that said, i felt extra special b/c all these women attend the same church. and i was the outsider. and i NEVER felt like it. never. not once.


and i will miss them. i will miss watching my kids play with Katie (Dee’s youngest) and Elise (Julie’s youngest) and Joey (Lea’s youngest). i will miss having friends who LIKE to craft. especially scrapbooking and sewing. i will miss these women who have prayed for me (and my kids). have rejoiced with me in good times and really cared for me through the tough times.


so to Amy, Lea, Julie and Dee, i will miss you. a lot. and perhaps every once in awhile i can join accountability group via skype. but i do have one question – would you let me fold laundry while talking to you on skype?!

One thought on ““accountability” group

  1. Great pic. I wish we had one with you in it. Over-the-top kind words. Tears. You will also be missed. More than you know. Skype? YES! Laundry? Why not?!?

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