a decade…

i’ve known tom, dave’s youngest brother, for over a decade. okay, so YES, i’ve known his entire family for over a decade, but it’s different with tom. when i met tom, he was in junior high. he was this pre-teen who hadn’t yet his his growth spurt. he was in marching band and he played a lot of video/computer games. he was interested in music and computers.


and today, tom… Uncle Tom… turns 23! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

[tom returned to college in chicago - he's a Moody Bible Institute - on saturday. we had a family dinner at a vietnamese restaurant in bellingham last wednesday. it was my first time. i ordered Pho. it was pretty tasty. but this photo was of tom's dinner. he may have ordered Pho.]


he is now a world traveler. a college student. an uncle. a pretty great uncle, in fact. a brother-in-law x3! he hit his growth spurt and he’s now quite TALL. he’s still really interested in music. not so much into computers. he still plays a lot of video games (when he can make the time for it) but he’s also very people-oriented. i’ve watched him grow from a child into a young man. he’s pretty darn cool and i consider myself pretty lucky to have him as my “baby brother.”


so tom, thanks for putting up with me for all these years. thanks for loving me. thanks for loving my kids (your nieces and nephew). thanks for being the kind, caring, GODLY young man you are. i look forward to seeing what God does in you and through you this year.


2 thoughts on “a decade…

  1. Thank you, Tam! This was really sweet of you. I’m glad you’re my sister! :) Glad we could talk today, and we’ll try to get Skype to work sometime soon!

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