decking the halls… one last time…

while battling various ailments (davey was coughing up his lungs, samantha was struggling to get air INTO her lungs and alex was just plain sick), we’ve still managed to drive around and look at Christmas lights, pick out and cut down our Christmas tree, set it up and decorate it, watch Christmas movies, drink hot cocoa, shop for presents and stocking stuffers, wrap gifts, send packages east and more. there’s still plenty to do for this Christmas season…. our last in our home. no, it hasn’t sold yet. yes, it’s back on the market. (i had planned on keeping it off the market during the holiday season but after a month’s reprieve, we had to put it back on the market).


in fact, not only is it our last Christmas in our house. the only home we have known as a married couple. the only home our children have known. but it is our last Christmas in Washington. come January (the week of my birthday, no less), we’ll be moving down the country a ways….


to Mesa.




which is in Arizona.





just south east of Phoenix, to be more specific. it was not an easy decision to make. but it wasn’t a difficult one, either. (feel free to insert all appropriate “awful weather in Washington” jokes and comments here). i’ll share more details later… but i wanted to let you know that we are alive. we are doing well (despite December sicknesses and dave’s job stress and moving stresses).


and we are thankful, most of all, to spend one final Christmas in our home. and with Dave’s entire (immediate) family. hooray!


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