“that’s not appropriate”

happy thanksgiving (i have 18 minutes left here on the west coast). i’ve lost all of november. where did it go? perhaps i’ll share some of it with you one day. for now, however, i must share that today, samantha stuck her finger in the cranberry sauce (from a can) at the table. she was told “that’s not appropriate.” then the part she touched was added to her plate. later, she and davey LICKED the top of the ENTIRE chocolate pie. i kid you not. they were BOTH told “that’s not appropriate” and they ate some chocolate pie for dessert. and even LATER in the day, while in “time out” on the stool at the counter (not sure WHY that’s where she was for time out), samantha REPEATEDLY stuck her finger into the remainder of the “regular” (as in, not gluten free) pumpkin pie. i’m pretty sure she licked her finger between pokes/scrapes. again, she was told “that’s not appropriate.” (and her time out was lengthened and she was moved to a different location).

here’s hoping your day was filled with good and appropriate things!


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