A Belated BOO to you, too!

i know, i know, Halloween was almost a MONTH ago. i’m ashamed that i’ve allowed so much of November to pass without sharing ANYTHING with you. little by little, i plan to catch you up on at least the big news. for now, however, let’s take a look at some COSTUME LOVE….


allow me to introduce you to Davey the Triceratops (NOT Davey the Lizard, as many people stated/guessed), Alexandra the Butterfly and Samantha the Parrot:


Many thanks to our neighbors for the FREE parrot costume and to the Harveys for the FREE triceratops costume. and many thanks to Second Chance for the $5.99 costume for Alex (even though I later found a better deal for only $2 at Old Navy for the FULL costume…. oops!)!


Not knowing what else to do since there were no (decent) free and local events to celebrate Halloween while we were available, we ended up walking around our neighborhood. Samantha thought it was the greatest thing ever. She LOVED Halloween and getting candy from the neighbors by simply ringing the bell and saying “Trick or Treat!” when the door was opened! Unfortunately, I had not taught my children well…. when they were allowed to choose their candy (which happened at quite a few houses), Samantha always chose the lollipops. Dum Dums, Tootsie Pops, etc. Seriously? What about the Snickers? the Peanut M&Ms? Ahhh… I think a little tutoring session will be NECESSARY next year before we go door-to-door…!


To his credit, Davey toughed out walking around several blocks. He had a bruised foot (or some bruised toes) so by the end, I had to carry him. He wasn’t all that excited about the candy. Sam, however, couldn’t get enough. She wanted to KEEP GOING! After walking the neighborhood, we drove to a few homes (including Grandpa & Grandma’s house) to show off costumes and pick up special treats.


Many thanks to the neighbors who handed out candy, erasers, fish crackers and more. Many thanks to family and friends, as well, for loving our kiddos so much! And MANY THANKS to the givers of the FREE costumes! We are VERY thankful!

One thought on “A Belated BOO to you, too!

  1. Why do I find it not hard to believe that Samantha was loving getting candy (food)? What a gal. And Kudos to Davey to toughing the walk out. Did Alexandra fly around?

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