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last week on wednesday, my mother in law had Davey and Sam for the first time in a few weeks. alex and i were ZERO PERCENT productive for the 6 hours the older two were gone. ugh. so today, i am going to BE PREPARED. i have started a list of stuff to do today (all day – not just while D&S are gone).


1. put away laundry (from Monday and yesterday)

2. Perform AT LEAST 3 hours of work for Strategic (my grown up job)

3. finish my Bible study (for tomorrow morning!)

4. Make a snack for Bible study tomorrow (pumpkin spice bread and/or cookies, anyone?)

5. finish sewing pacifier strap clips to the straps (less than 10 left)

6. visit Dutch Mothers to “clean” my stuff and collect any money (and then take that money to the bank)

7. give D&S a bath

8. write check for Davey’s pre-school “tuition”

9. write notes/e-mail messages to people that i thought about on Sunday (see church bulletin for my “list”)

10. take at least 45 minutes for MYSELF to do NOTHING!  :)


if I actually accomplish all of that before (my) bedtime tonight, that would be amazing. but i would feel OH SO MUCH BETTER than i did last week.


and this photo has nothing to do with this post. nor is it clear, crisp and easy to see. and i took it myself and i’m in it. but i like it. for now.

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