davey LOVES to play games. and he has an AMAZING memory. seriously. sometimes this kid scares me with his memory recall abilities! earlier this year (april-ish), davey was teaching dave how to play a specific game. he was using his bedsheets as the board (b/c they had a “checkerboard” type pattern on them since they’re Lightning McQueen race car sheets) and he proceeded to explain about animal cards, colored chips and the rules. dave was impressed. so dave started telling me about this game that davey invented.


turned out davey didn’t really invent the game. henry got the game for his birthday and auntie carrilee played it with davey one day. davey fell in LOVE with this game. (it’s called Sequence for Kids and here’s a link to it on Amazon.) so with her amazing memory and love for my kids, auntie carrilee bought the game for davey for HIS birthday. he LOVES it. and he LOVES when we all get to play it together. so on sunday evening, after dinner, we pulled out the game, stuck alex in her exersaucer (because she would LOVE to be in the middle of the action!)

and played two rounds. the only reason i even pulled out the camera is this:

what you can’t really tell too clearly in the above photo are the details…

Dave was green.

the object of the game is to get four chips in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).


so what does this photo show you?

yep. if he had an alligator card, dave could win on his turn. or a unicorn card (it’s a “place your chip anywhere” card).


here’s his hand:

i kid you not. he had an alligator card AND a unicorn card. and that dragon card? that’s a “remove any chip” card. seriously. it’s the equivalent of playing UNO with a DRAW FOUR, a WILD and the exact number AND color card needed to WIN!


this is why we (dave and i) don’t play games often. i LOVE games. but we’re both VERY competitive.


that said, after dave laid his ALLIGATOR card and won the game, sam played a card (i think it was a PANDA) from her hand and came in second.

then it was my turn. nothing.

and then davey played a card and came in third.


seriously. they all won on the same round. i was mostly just in shock that dave won as DECISIVELY as he did (having that “amazing” hand).


which is why it seemed more than appropriate for me to be the ONLY person to win the SECOND game. and i won. fair and square. even though dave tried to stop me. hallelujah for that dragon card!




3 thoughts on “sequence

  1. We used to have that game, but for some reason we didn’t really like it. Glad you guys had fun with it! I don’t have a competitive bone in my body when it comes to games, though.

  2. awww! that’s a real pick me up for today… i’m glad you guys enjoyed together. I haven’t looked on your site in a long while and it was really special to see the post about the game. I hope the kids are feeling a little better tonight. Love you!!!

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