ONE YEAR (back on the 13th)

on july 13, 2011, while we were in Pennsylvania, alexandra daisy sue dunkin celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY! i’m still amazed that she’s part of our family. she’s the perfect addition to round out our crazy Munchkins and we now know what we would’ve missed had we ever even CONSIDERED following the “hushed suggestions” of the doctors at Swedish Hospital in Seattle back when I was only 25 weeks pregnant with her!

the following information is based on Alex at one. she is currently one plus 20 days and several answers have changed!


- nicknames: alex, sparky, sparks, sparkle, sparkles, spark-opolis, baby alex, baby girl

- personality: totally chill. almost all the time.

- clothing size: 6-9 months fits best but she wears 6-12 month attire, also

- shoe size: smaller than a 3. she has long, narrow feet.

- diaper size: could easily still wear a 2 but she’s been upgraded to 3s to avoid further “blow outs”

- weight & height – pending appointment with her doctor in a week

that said, i believe she’s just around 15 pounds

- solid food: baby food only; anything else (even 1/4 of a cheerio! or a puff! or a yogurt melt!) makes her gag/choke and then puke

- formula of choice: Gerber Good Start, Gentle formula (orange label)

- bottle or sippy cup? bottle. Avent. she likes to “one-hand” ‘em

- sleeping through the night? PRAISE THE LORD, YES!

- favorite person: mommy

- next favorite people: davey and samantha

- pacifier or thumb? pacifier (i WISH we called it a “paci” but, unfortunately, we call it a “binky”)

side note: she’s using the SAME TWO i purchased when she was born!

- crawling? nope

- walking? nope

- standing on her own? nope. but she LOVES to stand with help or in her exersaucer or the doorway jumper or anywhere else (as long as her bare feet are NOT touching concrete, asphalt or some other hard and “scrape-y” type of surface)

- loves to hang out in her exersaucer OR to sit in the booster seat and OBSERVE everyone

- always liked tummy time. still does. until she starts flailing (we call it “swimming on land”).

- rolling over? yes. finally. took her about 10 months but now she will NOT STAY STILL when getting her diaper changed. grrrrrr!

- torticollis: seems to be improving

- flat spot: seems to be improving

- talking: nope. no discernable words, at least. she is, however, finally finding her “voice.” sometimes she seems to be singing. sometimes she’s just chatting away.

- LOVES to spit. does it all the time. sometimes for 10-20 minutes. it’s crazy. it’s ridiculous. it’s so un-lady-like.

- almost always sits with her legs crossed at the ankles. so VERY lady-like!

- teeth: ONE. and she LOVES to play with it with her tongue. and LOVES to chew on things. toys, mostly.

- loves to be held

- enjoys music. will STARE at the TV when davey & samantha are watching a show.

- REALLY LOVES to play with HAIR and NECKLACES when she’s being held. and i mean LOOOOOOOOOOVES hair. she’ll reach for it. streeeeeeeeetch for it. and then, if she gets a strand, it’s victory and she can zone in on it for a good 20 minutes. we have witnesses.

- still has a full head of her own hair. it’s growing thicker but not longer. weird.

- pulls at her ears a lot. a LOT. especially her left one. (sometimes there’s dried blood inside it because she’s pulled/scratched at it so much).

- does not give out smiles or laughter easily. she REALLY makes mommy work for smiles and laughs. samantha and davey have to work a little LESS to get the same reactions.


alex is the sweetest, most laid-back, most chill and relaxed baby we’ve ever experienced. while davey was a projectile vomiter and samantha was a big time puker, alex has always been really low key and she has always held down 90-95% of her intake. she nursed almost exclusively for a LONG time (i spent months getting to her to be comfortable taking a bottle) and then she’d only take a bottle of PUMPED milk… no formula for this sweet thing. sheesh! and no formula switching, either. she’d refuse to drink something foreign. what a girl.


alex appears to be on her own timetable with accomplishments, growth and development. that said, she’s a smart cookie. she tries to BUCKLE the straps in her booster seat. yes she does! she’s a VERY observant little girl. she was my biggest baby at birth (6 lb 11 oz) but she’s my slowest grower. she rarely cries (usually only when she’s hungry!). she rarely fusses (poopy diapers do NOT make her happy, though). she is a joy and a delight and we are blessed beyond measure to have her as part of our family.




One thought on “ONE YEAR (back on the 13th)

  1. When you were a baby you always found your hand way into everyones hair. Sometimes it seemed spooky (’cause I related hair to something dead) and I would pull your hand aways but it always made its way back.

    Alexandra is a precious joy and I was glad we had the time to bond together when the other Dunkins went to the Atlantic.

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