FAILED “to do” list

even knowing i had to report back to you was NOT enough motivation (or shame!) to make me finish my list last week. sigh. that just means that this week’s list got a LOT longer! double ugh.


what did I NOT finish?

#2. add photos (new and old product) to etsy

#3. add dirt to plants

#9. plan & possibly MAKE a few freezer meals

#10. package several baby gifts


6/10 items successfully completed on a list is still a failing grade (60%). so this week i will FINISH those 4 items (especially since I’m delivering one baby gift tonight) and i will add the following NEW 10 items:


1. organize and calculate receipts for the month of August

2. mail Ali’s package (that’s another one of those above baby gifts i need to “wrap”)

3. order photos (for thank you cards/gifts from our July vacation – i will NOT be ordering ALL of our photos from our trip… that would take me all week just to do that one thing!)

4. design and complete Davey’s THANK YOU birthday cards.

5. design and complete Alex’s THANK YOU birthday cards

6. Walk on Monday (check) and Wednesday

7. Zumba on Saturday (can’t go tonight – fun dinner plans with friends!)

8. Dinner out with friends (tonight – hooray!)

9. go to The Fair (friday!)

10. bill at least 3 hours for my “grown up” job.


i spent yesterday (monday) getting a temporary crown (ugh), finishing 17 felt frogs and 10 felt monkeys , drilling holes in at least 50 scrabble trays, doing 3 loads of laundry, cleaning 3 bathrooms and the kitchen and i don’t know what else. and those few things i just listed add about 5 other things to my “to do” list. i should probably go and get started.


i used to like lists. i think i’m changing my mind……?!

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