a quick wash

every once in awhile i take “ownership” of our vehicle. i clean out the clutter. and i run it through the car wash. for the first time, about two weeks ago, i took the car through the local car wash WITH THE KIDS inside. alex was NOT a fan, but since she’s directly behind the driver’s seat, i have no photos of her pouty lip. the other kids, however, had mixed reactions of confusion, joy and fear.



unrelated to that, there’s a little girl in this house who isn’t mobile yet. not crawling and not walking. and while she can roll, she doesn’t really do it to get to other places. that said, she has STRONG legs and she LOVES to stand and she loves to jump. she can also scoot (usually backwards) and SOMETIMES she’ll push herself up onto her knees and she’ll rock back and forth. crawling can’t be that far away!

but more often that not, she just ends up “carpet swimming.” silly girl.

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