10 to dos UPDATE

so i bet you want to know how i’m doing with my TO DO list that i posted earlier this week. it’s 9:32 on thursday evening as i type this. i only have two days left to complete my list. i’m making progress, but i am no where NEAR finished. i have, however, already created a “to do” list to share with you next week. what do you think…. should this become a regular feature here?


so here’s an update:

1. take photos for etsy: i’ve taken some photos but i not all/enough

2. add some new product to etsy and re-add some prior items (my rings all dropped off!): um…. perhaps refer back to #1…. or maybe i’ll list a few things tonight after posting this?!

3. add dirt to plants (re-pot some as needed): there’s a reason i’ve been putting it off for months…. i hate doing it, so NO, it’s not done yet!

4. attend ZUMBA class (tuesday night and maybe saturday morning): Tuesday night: check!  saturday hasn’t happened yet

5. design the felt frog: check! i have to shrink him down a little, but otherwise, here he is:

6. finish necklace tagging & display update at Dutch Mothers (my local consignment location): check & check! it’s my FAVORITE look thus far… it’s a little bit “boutique-y” and it’s EXACTLY the look i’m going for!

7. walk with Karla two mornings (Monday & Wednesday): check!

8. paint some frames/shadow boxes (for fall show products): check! there’s some paint remains on my grass… well, maybe a little more than “some…”

9. plan (and possibly MAKE?) a few freezer meals for several friends who have “recently” had a baby…..: um. i usually do chicken teriyaki. but i haven’t gotten as far as buying the chicken yet.

10. package several baby gifts for the mommies: Christy, Ali, Susan: progress made (baby items gathered and bagged but project NOT complete



in addition to the above items, i’ve done some extras….

- created a few sample infant/toddler headbands:

- ordered more of the above headbands (minus the felties – those are mine!) and they arrived TODAY, so now i have 50 more to make!

- scheduled and participated in “work night” at Karla’s house (to make more stuff for the craft shows this fall)

- ran errands today with ALL THREE CHILDREN (mostly to buy more supplies for my craft show projects)

- made room in the garage for Dave’s car

- dug out baby girl clothing to give to a friend

- dug out maternity clothing to loan to the same friend

- spent over an HOUR doing my “grown up” job but not getting paid b/c i had to simply reinstate my authorization to several programs. sigh.

One thought on “10 to dos UPDATE

  1. hey there! i LOVE the headbands, and ari wears them a lot – i think it’s time for some new ones. how much are they??? i esp. love the brown one w/ the cupcake!

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