10 things to do

you can hold me accountable. some things are fun. some, well, not so much. none are (currently) part of my usual routine. here’s a list of ten things i want need to do this week:

1. take photos for etsy

2. add some new product to etsy and re-add some prior items (my rings all dropped off!)

3. add dirt to plants (re-pot some as needed)

4. attend ZUMBA class (tuesday night and maybe saturday morning)

5. design the felt frog

6. finish necklace tagging & display update at Dutch Mothers (my local consignment location)

7. walk with Karla two mornings (Monday & Wednesday)

8. paint some frames/shadow boxes (for fall show products)

9. plan (and possibly MAKE?) a few freezer meals for several friends who have “recently” had a baby…..

10. package several baby gifts for the mommies: Christy, Ali, Susan

One thought on “10 things to do

  1. Looks like a busy and productive week ahead, plus you can already cross off one of your walks with Karla! Goooooo, Tamara! :)

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